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AfterHours Fanfic
Mind Games

TITLE: Mind Games
AUTHOR: Kim kimberly.h@w...
GENRE: X-men Movie Logan/Rogue UST, Rogue
RATING: NC-17 for nudity (just playing it safe)
SUMMARY: Rogue gets her just desserts.
DISCLAIMER: Wish I owned them but I don't.
ARCHIVE: Anywhere, just send me a letter to ask
FEEDBACK: Oh please, purty please! Send me lots
and lots!
NOTES: This is a follow up to "Rogue-aholic" so you
need to read that one first before this one, or else you'll
be totally lost.

Title: Mind Games
Author: Kim

He came home totally unexpected. Yeah, you guessed
it. Logan. After more than three years of being away he
decided it was time to come home. I'd missed him
terribly. Distance really does make the heart grow
fonder and in the time that he was gone, I think mine
expanded larger than my body could contain. It was
hard at first, walking through the mansion and not
having him there to stir up trouble, but after awhile I
got used to the emptiness and continued on with life. It
wasn't like he was too far away; I mean he was still in
me. The after effects of prolonged touch. I still can't
decide if it's a blessing or a curse. But since it's made
me all the more closer to Logan, I'll consider it a

One day I had to get away from everybody. It was just
one of those days where you start feeling really
claustrophobic and the overwhelming need to run away
takes over. If you don't then you know you're just
going to scream your head off. It was just one of those
days. Bobby, who's my best friend, was really starting
to tick me off. I know it's irrational but he wouldn't
stop talking and I knew I had to go when thoughts of
slapping him silly popped into my head. So I muttered
some excuse and went to seek refuge.

I decided to go for a swim over on the far west wing of
the mansion. There's an indoor pool over there and
blessedly, not a soul in sight. Perfect. I changed into my
teeny bikini (no one's supposed to know about that!)
and plunged into the chilly water. It was wonderful! I
could feel the tension drain off of my stiff body as I
began swimming my laps. I refused to dwell on any
thoughts, instead counting off determined to break the
number of laps I did the other day. This continued for a
while, me just stroking away, pushing the water back
and forth, feeling it run over me. Five...breathe
in...breath out. Six...breathe in...breathe out. On the
return lap of my sixth one, I popped my head out of the
water to take a breath and almost drowned. The bastard!
After three years, there he was crouched by the side of
the pool. And that stupid smug grin was shining on his
face. As if he knew what he did to me! Oh wait, maybe
he did. Ooooh! The bastard, how dare he!

I swam to the ladder to step out of the pool, not paying
him any attention, pretending I never saw him in the
first place. But he knew I did. Damn. I bent down to
grab my towel and as I did I saw his leather shoes step
into my line of vision. My wet hair dripped onto the
tops of those shoes, he was that close. Drip..drip..drip.
My heart stilled and leisurely I moved back to stand,
looking at his body as I went. First his jean clad legs,
then the apex where his legs met. I refused to stare at
the bulk there instead focusing on the buckle. Up his
chest, (what a mighty fine chest may I add) and finally
to his fuzzy chin where I couldn't find the courage to
look all the way up just yet.

"Hey kid, you ain't gonna say hi?" His deep voice
rumbled. Oh yeah, I missed him and I wanted to say hi.
Hell, I wanted to do more than say hi. But I wouldn't let
him see me lose my composure. I gathered the courage
to look in straight in the eyes. The same haunted eyes
burning into my own. Three years older, three years
wiser. Much like how I felt.

"Hiya, Logan." I had to force myself not to wince at the
twang in my voice. Damn! I don't do that unless I'm
nervous. For heaven's sake! What do I have to be
nervous about? This is Logan! Yeah, Rogue, keep
telling yourself that, I thought. I told my head to shut

We just continued staring into each other's eyes letting
that be the source of our communication. I suppose we
were beyond words at that point. Something in him
changed. I could see it hibernating just beneath him,
willing it to stay that way. He broke his gave and
looked down. Then he took a step back and stared at my
shivering almost naked body. It's more skin than I've
ever shown anyone else. I'm glad he was the first one to
see me like this. His jaw practically hit the ground and
he struggled to screw it back into place. No matter how
hard he tried, his eyes were glued to my chest. And I
knew perfectly well why. It was the amount of cleavage
showing. What can I say? Typical male. I had to fight
hard to hide the smile that threatened to burst threw at
how ridiculous he looked. A flutter flapped in my
stomach at the realization that I caused that reaction. I
shook it off, ready to leave.

I caught his movement from the side of my eyes. He
moved forward, reclaiming the step he left a few
moments earlier. I froze. I saw his hands move to touch
me and panic arose in me. But he knew better. He
placed two slender fingers on the band of thin cloth on
my waist. I could feel the electricity crackling between
the elastic material of the bikini.

His words stilled any further motion on my part. "I
missed you, Rogue." Rogue, not Marie, not Kid. An
admission that I earned that name and it has become
who I was. I turned back to look at him and gave him
the first full genuine smile I felt, teeth and all. "I missed
you two, Wolvie." His lips pouted with mock
annoyance. And for the first time in years, I was truly
happy. He waited for me to wrap my towel around my
dripping body then we left together, chattering away,
catching up on lost time. Talking as if we'd never been
separated, the past three years a distant memory. He
was back and he was here to stay. For good.

That was a few months ago. Logan quickly became my
best friend again. We did normal things, as normal as
you can be when you can't touch a living soul. But we
managed. I'd say all in all it was a good partnership.
Logan always refrained from telling me why he came
back, but I guess he just missed human contact and was
too proud to admit he needed it like any other warm
blooded person. Like I said before, we didn't need
words, sometimes a look in the eyes said a lot more
than words could. And like I said I felt, something had
changed in Logan while he was gone. I just couldn't
figure out what.

During the months we spent rebuilding our relationship,
I'd spend a lot of time in his room either studying or
doing something. Maybe it was just an excuse to be
with him. Who cares? He enjoyed the company
anyways, and so did I. On one particularly boring
afternoon, I sat in his room talking away, watching as
he did a crap load of pushups. It took every ounce of
willpower in my body to keep from stuttering like a
buffoon. I had to get out quick because seeing his naked
torso stretch and flex like that was more than I could

I told Logan that I had to go, uh, run errands! Yeah,
errands. He just watched as I nearly ran out the door.
God! That man's body is a lethal weapon. Any woman
in her right mind would swoon and melt into a puddle
at the sight of it. Glistening in sweat, hard muscles
clenching and unclenching. Oh God.

I power walked all the way to my room, determined to
not make a fool of myself. At least any more than I
already had. I was sitting in my room just staring at the
tv when Kitty walked in. She wanted to know if I'd go
to the mall with her. Time away from here was just
what I needed. I told her to wait for me so I could put
on my sweater. Shit! My sweater! I'd left it in Logan's
room. Damn. I told Kitty to wait for me while I went to
retrieve it. I should've told her to call an ambulance
because I was about to go into cardiac arrest any second

At Logan's door, I leaned into the oak wood to hear for
any signs of movement, but I didn't. I thought maybe
he'd left the room to go work out in the gym or
something. I pushed the door open, hearing its moan as
it moved. For some cockamamie reason, I had the urge
to tiptoe. I saw my sweater on the bed where I left it. I
grabbed it and turned to leave, but I saw something half
hidden under the bed. It looked like a magazine
haphazardly dropped onto the ground. I bent down to
pick it up when my eyes widened in shock. I knew what
magazine it was. Shit. My stupid stint of rebellion lay
as evidence on Logan's bedroom floor. My mind raced
with all sorts of thoughts. I was stupefied when I saw
how careworn the page of my feature was. It looked as
though it had been thumbed at time and time again.
That's what had changed! Logan saw this and he loved
it enough to look at it over and over. My feelings
surged through me, not repulsed at all, but flattered and

I heard a door open and I realized he'd been in the
bathroom the whole time. He must have just taken a
shower because he was in the doorway, gripping the too
small towel around his beautiful waist. God! It was
more of a hand towel than a bath one. Thank you
whoever! His eyes were as wide as saucers, not having
expected me. His mouth formed a round "O". We both
stood frozen, not knowing what to do in a situation like
this one. Those same brown eyes flicked to the
magazine in my hands, which was still opened to my
centerfold. Before I knew it, his hands went slack with
shock and that little towel fell to the floor. Dang, things
just keep on getting better.

Not to be sappy, but he was the epitome of perfection.
His chest and abs were rippled from repeated exercise
sessions. Those pushups, situps and God knows what
else had done him a hellavu lot of good. Logan's body
was shaking with the erratic breaths he breathed.

His waist was lean and connected to the most gorgeous
thighs I'd ever seen. Not that I've seen a lot of naked
men before, if any, but I just knew he was perfect. His
calves were straining with the tension he must have felt.
His body was a taught wire ready to spring into action. I
could feel the heat in my face flush a bright red as I
gave into the temptation to look at his penis. Hey! I'm
human. I nearly fainted right then and there. This man
was gifted. Yup, like I said before, he was the epitome
of perfection. A Greek Adonis. His penis was erected,
engorged and dark, ready for my touch alone. And God
almighty, how I wanted to touch him. It seemed so
natural, but something inside of me forced me to back
away. I was in a situation beyond what I could control.
This was not the time to lust over a man as hunky as
Logan. He was my friend (and deep inside, my love but
that was beside the point.) Whatever stopped me, I
guess I knew now was not the time for something like
this. And I refused to run away again. I decided to
handle this like a real woman.

I flicked my gaze from that beautiful show of
masculinity to meet his eyes. If I had been any other
person, I would have laughed at the light redness that
settled into his cheeks. Wolverine! Blushing! The idea
was as absurd as the situation we were in. But I didn't
laugh. My lips slid into a sly smile and my eyes
conveyed mischief. I placed the magazine back on the
bed, keeping my stare focused on him. I reclaimed my
sweater and moved for the door. As I turned the handle,
I looked back at Logan, smiling at his bewilderment. I
purposefully let my gaze fall back to his aroused cock
then up to his face one last time.

"Logan, you dropped your towel." Not missing his
slack jaw at my admission, I shut the door behind me
and walked to where Kitty waited. The smirk on my
face never left me the entire afternoon.

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