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Almost A Woman
Fatal Caress (Sequel to, Almost A Woman)
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Fears and Dilemma (Part 1)
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East and a Little South
Northwest Winds
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Up To Memory
Down To Destiny
Without Control
Hunters Rise
Next Room Over
High On You
Maybe Someday (Prologue)
Maybe Someday (Chapter 1)
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Change (Part 1)
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Change (Part 3)
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Finding The Self
Find the Self (Part 2)
Finding The Self (Part 3)
Going Home
Coming Home (Rogue POV/Follows Going Home)
Home (Follows Coming Home)
Fierce Heart (Logan/Part 1)
The Time Is Now (Part 1)
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Touch Me Fall
Second Thoughts
An Odd Sense of Deja Vu (Rogue's POV-Part 1/2)
An Odd Sense of Deja Vu (Rogue's POV-Part 2/2)
An Odd Sense of Deja Vu (Logan's POV- 1/2)
An Odd Sense of Deja Vu (Logan's POV-2/2)
Honestly Ok (Part 1/2-Rogue's POV)
Honestly Ok (2/2-Logan's POV)
Sharp Relief (Part 1-Sequel to Honestly Ok)
Sharp Relief (Part 2)
Sharp Relief (Part 3)
The Choice (Part 1)
The Choice (Part 2)
The Choice (Part 3)
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Stayin' For Him
Hidden Courage
Eyes Clouded
Loose Cannon (Part 1)
Loose Cannon (Part 2)
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Loose Cannon (Part 4)
The Burning Red (Part 1)
The Burning Red (Part 2)
The Burning Red (Part 3)
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Welcome all you Logan/Rogue Shippers!

And of course a warm welcome to all you non-shippers. I just ask that you don't flame me for this site. We're all entitled to our own opinion. (Thank God for

Lets get on with it. I have no previous knowledge of the X-men comics, I'm learning a bit right now..but don't expect me to be any sort of expert. The thing that hooked me was the movie....especially the chemistry between the characters of Rogue and Logan. I know the relationship was supposed to be brotherly/sisterly..but there was chemistry there, a bit of potential. Some of you may think I'm a sick puppy because of the age difference...or that I'm kicking a dead dog here..because Rogue can't exactly touch anyone. Isn't that what fanfiction is for though? Plus we can get so much angst with this pairing. I figure that Logan doesn't remember anything except the last 15 years and Rogue is far beyond her years...they match up in my book. Maybe I'll possibly turn a few of you on to the whole Rogue/Wolverine idea. Now..I'm not too interested in pairing the comic books, Rogue and Wolverine because from what I've heard they rarely even venture to that aspect and they have Gambit in the comics. I'm thinking solely of the Rogue and Logan protrayed in the movie.
So enjoy...and I love compliments and feedback!

P.S. I am hoping to make this a major site. I'm a beginner though...I'm not too computer savy but I'm learning and in the future I'll probably move and revamp the site. I hope to have here..fanfiction, pictures, a messageboard..etc.

We hope to update this page often with new photos. Please be sure to sign the Guestbook below and let me know what you think.

Im having trouble loading my guestbook, so send all your comments here! PLease...I need feedback...or I feel that no one really cares :( lol (*guilt-trip much?*)

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Here I might put a picture of myself or my pet, or just a picture that I like a lot.

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