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AfterHours Fanfic
Title:Yester Life: An Easing Of The Soul

Title:Yester Life: An Easing Of The Soul
Subject: Wolverine/Rogue non-brotherly/sisterly love. Which means that I
might explore feelings of a sexual nature so...
Rating: ((was R but not to bad.) NOW it is NC-17 for a few words and
risq`ue talkin'.
Author: Kia Mira
Summary: Searching for ties to bind Rogue to her present life.
FEEDBACK!!!! at kia_mira@bellsouth.net
Disclaimer: If I owned them I wouldn't be posting here. LOL so just keep
that in mind.
Canon: This is a shameless misuse of a tiny bit of Rogue comic book canon.
In the books she is given a protective covering that is black. She wears
that, but I made it clear and put it on Wolvie. For reasons that will be
clear inside this story also. I keep trying to make a PG-13 part, but smut
and bad words keep getting in the way. so I'm changing it to NC-17.

An Easing Of The Soul

"I said no!" Logan stood in the middle of the room in his underwear, his
hands on his hips as he glared at Jean and the Professor. "Just what the
hell do you think I'll be doing in there?"

"That isn't the question, Logan. The latex has to cover all of your body
evenly so that it will adhere correctly." Jean tried a reasonable tone. "It
took months to get the mixture just right and another three to find all the
components we needed. The process is slow. I don't want to waste a years
worth of work because you are shy."

"Then we don't do it," he said succinctly.

"I don't know what your-" Jean started, her patience wearing thin. She
stopped, and then taking a deep breath turned to Xavier. "But-"

"It will be alright, Jean." Charles assured her.

"Fine," she said as she lifted a hand and a metal cylinder flew across the
room. If Logan hadn't ducked, it would have taken his head off.

"Hey! Just because I let you get my shirt off again doesn't mean I'm going
to let you in my pants, sweetheart. No matter what you throw at me."

She narrowed her eyes at the obnoxious man before her. Sliding goggles over
her face, she set the gages. "Arms up, fingers extended. And close your damn
eyes." Without so much as a second passing she shot him in the chest with
too cold liquid.

"Fuck! That is cold." he screeched. His body jumping in reaction.

"I'd shut up and grin and bear it!" She said as she flipped the little hose
and doused his face. Hiding a smile of amusement at the big, strong man's

The whole process was taking too long, Logan thought. Oh, the covering had
only taken ten minutes. It was the drying part that was getting under his
skin. Not to mention this damn covering was starting to feel like-

"A giant prophylactic!" Exclaimed the man as he entered the automatic doors.
Scott Summers tried as hard as he could to hold his laughter in, but he
couldn't. The sight of the other man's torment went far in evening the score
that had been set when Logan stole his bike.

"Grrrrrr!" Logan grumbled. This wasn't good. He hated to be anyone's joke on
a good day, but this wasn't a good day. And he also liked it better with his
clothes on. "Jean seems to enjoy getting me out of my clothes. You should
try playing hard to get. Make her work for it." he said half heartedly.

Wether or not he had been trying, the smile left Scott's face. His features
tensed. Logan wasn't in the mood for this. His mind was locked in the past.
He just needed to take out his frustration, and Scott had walked right into
that one.

Forestalling a situation he wasn't in the mood to handle he bit out,
"Listen, Scott, you know and I know that this isn't about Jean. It has to be
about Marie." Logan unconsciously used Rogue's given name.

What he said was true, the antagonism between them was more comic relief
than any real hostility. They were releasing tension. Scott bowed his head
in understanding. When he looked back at the bigger man his brows were

"Logan-" he said, "I heard about everything. I just wanted to say that I'm
sorry. I wish I could understand what you were going through-"

"No," Logan said quietly, his eyes straight ahead. "No, you don't want to
understand this. You can't." turning to look right into the younger man's
glasses. "You can't understand because you've never had the woman you love
wheeled into a room on a gurney because she killed herself. Never seen your
newborn baby lying lifeless in his mother's equally lifeless arms. While you
were strapped to a table and powerless to have stopped it." He gave the man
a small smile. "She needed me. I promised to protect her. So far I have
failed her. Three times! In a big way. I won't fail her again."

Shaken to his very core and with the pictures Logan spoke of in his head,
Scott nodded. He had imagined Jean and himself in place of Logan and Rogue.
It wasn't something he would forget anytime soon.

"You're right man. I don't want to understand." He turned and started for
the door, then he turned around. "Jean said you should be done. You can get
dressed now." Then he smiled. "Man, did you get her riled. It was almost
enough to make a man jealous."

"Were you jealous?"

"No, 'cause if I had to be jealous over every muscle bound Neanderthal that
got her riled, she wouldn't be my girl." They both laughed.

Logan moved to pick up his pants, his face contorting, "Damn, I don't think
my underwear will ever be the same."

"Yeah, Jean said you were embarrassed to bare it all in front of her."

"Not embarrassed. I just figured once she had a gander at a real man she
might be ruined for you lesser mortals." He lifted his hand and unsheathed
his claws. "After all, you know what they say about a man with big hands."

Scott laughed and turned to leave, tossing over his shoulder, "Yeah, that
and he can't find a pair of gloves that fit for shit."

Logan was once again standing in front of the white room. Xavier was giving
him last minute instructions that he wasn't listening to and Jean was
prattling on and on about what he could do in this giant rubber suit he was
wearing. He was also ignoring her. Much to her aggravation. It seemed
everyone had advice for him.

"I'm a hundred and four years old. Do you think you can cut the apron
strings?" He growled. Both Xavier and Jean closed their mouths. Moving to
the panel that opened her room, he placed his hand on it and a scanning
laser swept over his left eye. "Thank you, Logan Woolf." a computer replied.
His head pulled back and he turned to Xavier who just shrugged and motioned
him to go on in. Taking a step toward the door triggered the automaton and
it slid open.

His body tense, he stepped into the room. She was sitting against the far
wall, her head on her knees. As though she sensed him she looked up, her
face lighting up as though someone had lit a candle inside.

"Logan?" she drawled in her thick accent. "Is it really you?" before he knew
what was happening, she had thrust herself up and across the room to him.
Her arms twined around his waist. "They said you wur dead. They told me you
wur killed." Tears ran down her face. And he might have been surprised to
learn they also slid from his own eyes.

"Yes, Marie. It's me." he caressed her cheek sweeping the tears from them.
"They lied, Angel Face." He murmured and kissed her forehead.

"Our baby?" Hope shone in her face.

"No, Angel." he stroked her cheek as fresh tears overflowed. "That was true.
I'm sorry."

He held her as she cried for their lost child. He held her long after she
slipped off to sleep. At some point he to went to sleep while he stroked his
through her hair.

When Rogue opened her eyes she was confused. She lay on her side in a padded
white room. How had she gotten here? "It's a really white room." she
murmured. Wherever she was, she felt warm and safe. It was a big improvement
over the place she had been before. She didn't want to ever move again. It
was the feel of a large hand sliding up her bare arm that got her moving.
She jerked away as though the gentle hand were a flame.

"Easy, Angel Face." Came Logan's gruff and sleepy voice.

"Logan?" she stood staring at her arm where he had touched her. "You touched
me." She brought astonished eyes up to meet his.

"Yeah, Jean covered my whole body in this latex spray,"he said as he moved
to stand, his eyes on his feet. "That way I could be in here with you and
not-" then, realizing something had
changed, "Rogue?"

"Yes?" was all she said as she looked down at herself. "What happened to
me?" she asked.

"You tried to-" He started but couldn't finish. "Your past self tried to
kill herself."

"Wh-what?" her frightened eyes rose to meet his.

"While you were in your session with Regressor your remembered what- how
your past self died." he explained. Closing her eyes, she looked down and
nodded. Letting the memories flood back into her brain.

"They said you were dead." Her hand went to her stomach. "They took our
baby." Eyes that should have been only seventeen and ten months suddenly
looked old. "How can that be?"

"It's a long story," he said, "and once you've had some rest I'll tell it to
you, but for right now we need to see the Professor and Jean." he stroked
her face.

She closed her eyes. She savored the touch even if it wasn't actual flesh to
flesh. "This feels wonderful." she burrowed deeper into his arms.
"I wish-" she left it unsaid after all they both knew what she wished.

"We have a lot of work to do. We need to speak to the others." He guided her
to the door and it slid open revealing three happy X-men and their founder.

"Rogue," Xavier said. "I'm so glad you're back with us."

"So am I, Professor," She murmured.

"You must be tired," Jean said. "Why don't the two of you go to your room
and get some rest."

"Good idea," Logan said as he steered her to the elevator, before stopping
to look back at Jean. He looked her in the eye and willed her to read his

He knew he had succeeded when her eyes widened and she blushed bright red,
before stammering, "Ye-Yes."

He winked at her and then stepped on the elevator, pushing the button for
the correct floor. The doors closed and left the three of them standing
there. Then Jean and the Professor looked at each other and burst out

"What?" Scott demanded.

Jean tried to stop laughing but she couldn't. That had been priceless. "He
said to tell you thanks for the idea." Then she turned and left him staring
after her.

"Idea. . .?" he murmered.


Logan had debated with himself all the way up in the elevator and as they
walked down the hall to the room. He was torn between the memories of over a
hundred years and the fact that a lot had changed.

She wasn't his wife, for one. She was still under age for another, and she
might not feel the same way he did about her. All very good reasons to drop
her off in her room and run like hell to the nearest bar.

When they reached the door, he turned her to face him and kissed her
forehead, whispering, "sweet dreams." Giving her a slight push toward the
door, he turned to flee. Her voice stopped him.

"You runnin' again?" He flexed his hands at his sides, not daring to look
back at her.

"I have some things to take care of." he said.

"I would call you my dashin' rogue." She murmured. His mind flashing to one
instance. They had just finished making love, he rested deep inside her
He watched her as she recovered from her climax. "You told me that you liked
watching me lose control, that when I came I had a face like an angel."
He closed his eyes as the memory of that moment flooded his mind.

"Logan, you touched me earlier and it was wonderful, but if I thought that
would have to go the rest of my life remembering what it was like to have
you inside me..." Her voice rose, heedless of wether or not they were
alone in the hall -- "...without you beside me... I wouldn't make it."Tears
rose up yet again. "Please stay with me."

Slowly he turned, a fierce look in his eyes. In three strides he was at her
side and had dragged her into the dimly lit room. Kicking the door shut, he
pulled her to him.

"So," she eyes him a sexy smile on her face. "Does that wonderful latex
cover your whole body?

He blushed and shook his head no. "I'm afraid that there are some places I
didn't want Jean to see. So that means this latex isn't good for the actual
act." He drawled slowly. Pulling the word act out and making it sound
illicite. " But Jean says it is water resistant." He ran a hand from her
cheek to her nape. "But first..." He placed his lips over hers. She felt his
lips start to open.

"Mmmm. No!"

"It's okay. Just a little kiss." He murmured. "You have some scratches on
your face."

"No, I want to get to that shower. And I won't get there if you're in a coma
for three weeks." She pulled away from him and walked backward to the door
that led to the bathroom. "I have this awesome shower gel I want to try."

He watched her disappear into the bathroom and slow smile spread across his
face and wicked gleam entered his eyes.

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