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AfterHours Fanfic

Title: Touched
Subject: Wolverine/Rogue Non-brotherly/sisterly love/lust
Rating: NC-17 for doin' the wild Wolvie and talkin' about it
THANKS: To all of the people who encouraged me to finish this piece as well
as the Yester Life Series to which this is the final installment of the



It has been nearly two months since we started down this road. The
journey has been one of the longest and toughest I have ever taken. I think
about Rogue. This journey we have undertaken. The stress and the rigor must
have tested her limits as they tested mine, yet she never complains. I know
that one time she lost it over the cookies must have seemed petty to the
others. They had been having a high old time and the smell of those cookies
were everywhere on the lower floor. I was about to break number one and
five. Not that, that was anything new. For the last two months I have been
about to break number five. For some reason it was harder to keep five than
to keep six, seven and eight. Granted I slipped that first day in the
infirmary, but hell, how would you like to have every hair on your body
yanked out. I think even Mother Theresa would have lost her temper. I was
just thankful Jean hadn't sprayed my head. I would not have recovered. I
like my hair. Because she likes my hair. Needless to say that is a sore

Where was I, oh, yeah. It has been two months and we are finally at the end.
To night is Rogue's birthday. We have been doing simple touching exercizes.
Which has about driven me over the brink more than once. We are having a big
Party tonight. To celebrate her coming of age. That first couple days she
still sucked the life force out of me, but then we were able to touch each
other's fingers and I touched her face a couple of times. I know to some
people that might not seem like much, but to us it is everything.

I take one more look at myself in the mirror. Xavier got me a suit to
wear tonight. The suit was black with a dark grey banded collar shirt with
the x-men symbol embroidered at the front of the neck. He said it was a
semi-formal affair. Damn, since when do I go to semi-formal affairs?

'Since that semi-formal affair is celebrating the coming of age of the best
thing that ever happened to you.' He smiled crookedly at himself in the
mirror. 'Yeah, I guess that is when.' Well, I need to get downstairs. Rogue
is supposed to make her grand entrance in just under an hour. I want to make
sure I'm center stage when that happens. She said she has a surprise for me.

I've been down here close to an hour and this is begining to get on my
nerves. If one more person stares at me like I've sprouted horns...no, if I
had sprouted horns that might be normal to them. It is the fact that I am in
a suit that has them all staring. I think Scott's reaction was the most
annoying. He had taken one look at me and burst out laughing. I just shook
my head and walked away while Jean chastized him.

I have been wondering through this crowd in a haze. I just want to see
Rogue. We were kept apart for the last day. Xavier said something about it
making things better, but I think it was just to make sure we didn't do any
off sides testing. Xavier seems pretty liberal, what with Jean and Scott
cohabitating, but I think Rogue being underage was a stretch to his moral
stanard. So I believe we have been lead through every cockamaime soul
cleansing ritual this side of Outer Mongolia.

The music changes to announce her arrival, but I knew the moment she
stepped into the room. Her scent has been indellable imprinted on my brain.
I turn as though drawn by a string. A string tied between us and I catch my
breath. Outside of that one shower incidant I have never seen more Rogue
flesh exposed. She is wearing a slip of a dress with tiny straps and a low
cut front. Her legs are covered to her toes in the deep burgandy velvet. It
is a startling contrast to her pale flesh. She sees me staring and slowly
she walks toward me the crowd parting like the Red Sea.

There is a strange feeling in the pit of my stomache. An odd aching
flutter that I have never experienced before. As she stops before me it
moves up to my chest and tighten's around my heart.

"Hello, Logan." she smilingly says as though it were any other time and
place. Just, 'Hello, Logan.' like he isn't catching fire right before her

"Hello, Rogue." Is that my voice?

"Will you dance with me?" She asks and as if on cue a slow rhythem with a
heavy beat starts to fill the room. I don't say anything I just take her
hand and walk slowly backward till we are in the midst of the other dancers.
The tightness has increased with the touch of my hand on hers and I don't
think I can breath. At first I think she is draining me of my life force.
Then I realise it is just my reaction to her touch. I slip my right arm
around her waist and...freeze as my hand comes into contact with smooth
skin. Now, I know I can't breath and that feeling that has been building
inside me is so strong now that I know what it is. I'm dying. The look of
her the feel of her is killing me.

Her eyes are wide as she looks at me. We stare into each other's eyes not
bothering to disguise the want. At least on my part. For her it might be as
simple as she doesn't know how to keep her thoughts hidden. Thoughts that
are setting me on fire again.

Softly, I glide my smooth fingertips up her back between her shoulder
blades and then down again. I want to know just how much of her is bared by
this dress. My fingers flit over exposed flesh and my mind provides the
picture of her standing the water cascading over her body as she stood
beneath the show. I had gone into that bathroom with every intention of
telling her that we needed to step back. Think things through more clearly,
but the sight of that creamy flesh through the shower door had wrenched that
thought from my mind and I ended up fully dressed in a shower stall wishing
to hell I'd let Jean cover my whole body in that Latex.

Her eyes are wide as my hand continues down to the very edge of her
dress. Without realizing I have done it we are in the hallway leading to the

Her body still pressed intamatly to mine. I know that she can feel my
reaction to her that she knows what that hard mass pressed into her belly
means, but I am unwilling to hide it from her. I have been like this for the
last two months. I watch as the color rises in her face. Then her eyes fall
to my lips and she trembles. From fear? From need? I don't know.

I step away from her and her body sags as though its support has left it.
Still holding her hand in mine I lead her to the elevator. She hesitates and
glances toward the room filled with people celebrating her coming of age.

"You can go back if you want." my voice is husky and deep. Deeper than usual
because of this arousal. That has consumed me. I watch her as she turns back
to me and nerviously she licks her lips.

"No, no...it's okay." Then she steps toward the elevator. It is only a short
ride to the third floor where her room is, but I can't stop touching her. I
rake my fingers ever so gently down the center of her back and she archs it
and moans softly. I am so hard, so turned on and I haven't even kissed her,

I don't remember getting to her room I just remember the door shutting
behind us. She steps further into the room and finally I see her exposed
back. It is lovely, but marred by the sight of four red abrasions. I must
not have been as gentle as I thought.

I am ashamed. With a low growl I step up behind her and fall to my knees.
I press a kiss to the tender dimple at the crest of her lower back.
Whispering I'm sorry as I slide my lips up the reddened flesh. She trembles
in my arms. I am behind her and snake one arm around her waist to pull her
backward into my body as my lips fall on her neck making her body arche
again. Her head falling to my shoulder and her firm backside pressing into
my hardness. I growl and nip her with my teeth. My left hand tangles in her
hair as I run the right up between her breasts.

Her breathing is labored and it stops when I reach her left breast.
Stroking it through her dress.

"Do you want me?" I ask. She nods her head.
"Say it." I demand. "Say I want you Logan."
She hesitates for a moment and I prod. "Do you want me in side you?" I
pull my hand from her breast and she whimpers. I push my hand down the front
of her. I stop when I feel the heat of her even through the dress. "Here?" I
stroke her there and she bites off a scream. Her teeth sinking into the
sensious bottom lip I have been dreaming of. She nods again.

I won't take that as an answer though. My hand leaves her body and this
time she does cry out.
"Log-an" My name. It is broken and I think that is the sexiest thing i have
ever heard.

My hand is still in her hair as I lean close to her ear and say ",Are
you afraid of me?" She shakes her head no. "Say it, Rogue." I know I am
pushing her but I have to be sure.She has to say the words. So I tell her

"I want to be with you so bad, baby, but I won't if you can't say the
words." Pressing my lips to her neck and ask again, "Are you afraid of me?"

"N-no." She puts her hands back and places one on each thigh pulling my
hardness back to her softness.

"Do-uhm-do you trust me?" I can barely speak as I allow her to bring our
bodies back together.

"Yeh-us," she stammers.

I put my hand to her strap and lower it slowly. My eyes on her body as
one smooth breast is bared to my heated gaze. Then the other side and she is
standing there the top of her dress pooled at her waist.

"Turn around." I order. She does and she is beautiful. My left hand is still
in her hair. I lower my head my eyes on hers. Never leaving hers as my lips
graze her breast. I see the shock and the need that ripple through her
tightening her breast against my lips. Still keeping contact I gently use my
tongue on the erect nipple. Just the tip. Just the barest of touches. She
likes that. Likes that I watch her watch me. I smile just a bit and then
wrap my lips around the tight bud. She sucks in a breath and then slumps
into me. I put my right hand around her back to support her. My left still
trapped in the silky length of her hair. Holding her trapped. Sliding my
right hand down to her thighs I pick her up and startle a gasp from her
lips. I stumble a bit and then press her against the wall. My body caging
her against it. When I lower her feet to the floor. I ask her one more time.
"Do you want me inside you?"

"God, yes, Logan." she says as though it has been drug from her. I strip her
of her dress and she is standing before my in tiny black lace panties. Using
both hands I lift her till I feel the hot moist barrier of her panties
against the front of my now to tight slacks.

She has started to unbutton my shirt her fingers stumbling over the tiny
buttons in her desire flooded state. Finally giving up she grasps the edges
of the shirt and tears them apart. Raining a shower of pearl grey buttons
around us. Her fingers greetily glide over my chest raking cool fingers
through the hair that had grown back. I bury my face inher neck again. I am
fully dressed an all I can think about is plunging my cock so deepily into
her that we will never be seperated.

I am taking deep calming breaths trying to get enough control to move more
slowly, but she isn't having any of that. She wraps her legs around me and
squeezes with her inner thigh muscles. Then I feel her hands at my waist.
Realising that she needs to lower her legs to get at my buckle she does and
her hot center grazes the hot ridge that is straining for her. She can't
work the buckle and she gives a frustrated cry and then pulls my hand from
her back and puts it at my waist silently begging me to do it for her and I

Moving back ready to lead her to the bed I take her hand. My pants are
undone and hanging open. She runs her eyes over me and then she is touching
my waist above the band of my pants. With trembling fingers she brushes them
down my legs. I kick of my shoes and before long I am clad only in my
underwear. Pulling her hand again trying to lead her to the bed she stops me
with a shack of her head and backs up against the wall. Her free hand on my

"It's your first-" I start to say. Trying to remember why it is exactly that
I am still seperated from her. I stop and try again. "Bed is better for
you." Though the thought of being in her against a wall does hold a good
deal of appeal I am trying to be considerate for once.

"No!" She speaks harshly. "Here!" Then she drops her hands top her waist and
lowers her panties. kicking them to join my cloths in a heap at our feet.
The sight sends a primal need shooting through me and to hell with
consideration I push my underwear down and she gasps her small white hand
reaching for the dark flesh that has been waiting to bury itself in her. I
gasp at the touch and close my eyes. Letting her touch me as long as she
wants. I am about to go insane when I feel her hand gently leave me to rest
on my other shoulder.

I open my eyes and I know she is read. Her face is flushed and the smell
of her. I will thank god for my hieghtened senses. I can smell the musky
scent that is curling up from her inner core. Taking hold of her waist I
push her up the wall then move her to sit on the dresser and slip her
boneless legs over my shoulders. Her eyes widen as I place her hands on the
edge of the hard wood beside her ass. She is afraid. I can smell it. "Trust
me." I say as I lower my head to her. I use my nose to open that secret part
of her. She jumps when I touch her clit. The first time and moans as I reach
out and touch it with my tongue. Her eyes are closed and I stop ", look at
me." I growl. "Watch me." Her eyes open half way and watch as I stroke her
again with my tongue.

She whimpers. I can feel how close she is and preversly I don't want her to
cum unless I am inside her. With my hands on her knees I pull them off my
shoulders and spread her wide. I drink in the sight. Then I meet her eyes.

"Tell me." I say. She looks confused.

"Say it." I demand as she watches the tip of me press into her moist lower
lips. "Say you love me!" I say forcfully. As I press a little further into
her. She is so tight that I am afraid I might hurt her, but I want to be
inside her so badly that even that though doesn't keep me from inching just
a bit farther in to the scalding wet center of her. I am only an inch or so
inside her, but it feels as though I have gone to the hilt. Yet, I wait to
hear the words. The words that I have not heard in eighty-five years.

"I-love-you." she pants. Her hands at my waist pulling me. "More." She looks
at me. "More-of-you-please."

At her pleading tone I thrust foreward seathing myself and I am to the
hilt. I see it in her eyes. I have hurt her. They are wide and a bit
frightened. I run a hand over her face gently as though she were a spooked
animal. She is losing control and I start to feel the drain of my life

"Its okay, baby." I sooth. "You can control it." I say between clenched
teeth. "Concentrate, babe." She closes her eyes and a tear slides down her
cheek. I can feel the moment that she wrestles it back under control. I
smooth away her tear. "Its okay...shh..." he ran his hand up into her hair.


"It's okay. Xavier said it might happen." I murmur roughly. "Said that if I
hurt you it might happen."

"Why...?" she opens her eyes to look at me.

"I didn't want to make you tense. I thought if you knew you could lose it
you would be to tense and I would hurt you more than I already have." He
leaned in and brushed his lips to hers. This was why he hadn't kissed her

Taking hold of her I carry her to the bed and lay her gently back my body
shaking with the need to move inside her, but instead I deny myself and
continue kissing her until I feel her relax and then and only then do I
move. Slowly I pull away from her moist center. My cock so ridged I think it
to has become metal lined. Slowly I thrust back to the place I will forever
call home.
As I pull out again I stop kissing her and look her in the eye.
"I-Love-you!" I say.

Then as I pull out, "LOVE", in, "YOU".

"LOVE" ,and on it went, "YOU" For each stroke the mantra was the same.

I can feel her coming apart in me hands. Her eyes glazed and her lips
moist as she repeats my mantra back to me. Punctuated with commands like,
"Deeper oh god please!" and then long trembling breaths that are my name. I
pull away from her enough to watch it happen. Watch the flush that rises
from the place we are joined. I see it move up her belly over her chest and
neck over her face and then I see her eyes change and I wait for it. Within
moments she is screaming my name and arching up off the bed and I am lost.
The way see looks as she cums is the last coherant thought I have
"...loveyouloveyouloveyouloveyouloveyouloveyouloveyouloveyou!" I thrust
harder, deeper as I cum.

We are both tired as I slump to my side maintaining our joined bodies.
Then slide to my back holding her body to mine as she rests her body
bonlessly atop me. Heaving for breath we lay in each others arms. I feel her
smile as she lazily lets me support her. That smile turns into a giggle.

"What?" I ask. She with great effort lifts her head to look at me.

"And I thought the only thing you would give me for my birthday would be an

Lost I stammer, "What?" My sex drained brain not able to follow the dots.

"The answer to my question." she said primily. I was still at a loss.

"What question?"

She looks at me a wicked sparkle in her eye as she runs her hand over to
my nipple and teases it. "Why do guy's lift cars?" She said it with such
earnestness that he went completely still for a moment. Then he started
laughing so hard she thought he would never stop.

"Oh, kid." I pushed the hair from her face. "Come here and let me tell you."

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