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AfterHours Fanfic
One More Dream

Author: K. Lee
Fic: One More Dream
Rating: NC17- no sweet-n-sappy stuff here. Ye've been
Disclaimer: Not mine, all Stans and 20th Century Fox,
g'way big bag suits.
Feedback: I'm a slut fer it...well..not really but..
Notes: Fer the X-grrls, my kinda chicks. Also, do you
guys want this to actually have a plot and turn into a

"Sweet dreams Rogue and Jubes." Kitty called
softly, turning off the light. Jubilee answered her
with a resounding snore, Rogue a with a return 'good
night' . Sweet dreams.....she had always hated the
dreams where she knew she was dreaming. But this
dream, this dream was her nightly fix. For some reason
she knew every time, it was fake, but that almost made
it better.....almost.....sweeter...

Rogue walked into the bar, searching. She was
always searching. Searching for him. She looked down
and noticed that she was wearing the outfit Jubilee
had admired earlier in the mall. Black leather pants,
with a black silk tie-back shirt. She shook her head
and walked through the crowd, familiar faces blending
in with strangers. Jubilee dancing on one of the
stages...Kitty looking harried behind the bar...John
dancing with Jean....Peter painting a mural on the
wall. But she only had eyes for one thing. Amidst the
sultry primal beats was Logan, fighting in the same
cage she saw when she walked into the bar, which
seemed so long ago. Scott was in the cage with him,
taking quite a beating. Wearing only a pair of jeans,
Logans muscles rippled and his body tensed as he
delivered a final blow. Scott fell and Logan turned
his gaze falling directly on Rogue. He watched her,
breathing heavily, his face bathed in the shadow. He
stepped down from the cage, the crowd flowing around
him. He never broke eye contact with her. Rogue caught
her breath as he moved forward, his stride predatorial
and sleek. And then Logan was in front of her. Rogue
breathed him in, his scent, male, clean and warm.

His hands slid across her abdomen to her bare lower
back, pulling her roughly against him. Rogue gasped as
her hips came into direct contact with his. She stared
into his eyes, watching them darken as she swayed to
the intoxicating beat. His hands drifted upwards, his
fingers splayed against her silken skin. Logan bent
his head, his lips a whisper away from his. He
abruptly pulled away and walked off the dance floor.
Rogue followed him, wondering what game he was playing
tonight. She saw him in a darkened corner, sitting in
a chair. He was watching her, his gaze intense. She
walked towards him still swaying to the beat. The
crowd seemed to melt out of her way as she approached
him. Logan sat, upright and expressionless as she
stood before him. Rogue smiled and put one leg on
either side of his hips, before lowering herself. She
bit her lip as she rubbed slick leather against heated
denim. Still his face remained expressionless, save
for his eyes, which were wild. She placed her hands on
his shoulders, scratching her nails down his bare
chest and ground down against him. Rogue let her head
fall back, rising and falling on him, still writhing
to the languid music. She started panting, as the
friction intensified. Rogue moved her hands up her
shirt, cupping her breasts and kneading them though
the silken material. She felt Logans hands grip her
hips, controlling the thrusts. She tried not to scream
as he brought her up and then down, hard. He dragged
her across the front of his jeans, his straining cock
rubbing all along the seam of her pants. She took She
leaned back, his hands firmly holding her hips. Her
hair touched the floor and she arched her back,
wrapping her legs against the back of his chair. Logan
hooked one arm around her waist, and brought his other
hand flat against her chest, dragging it down, down
the valley of her breasts, down her long flat stomach,
down to the buttons of her pants and then back up
again. Rogue took his hand as it reached her neck, and
placed his middle digit in her mouth, the spicy taste
of him coulding her senses. She let the finger slip
out of her mouth, biting the tip softly. He jerked her
up and stood. She wrapped her legs around his waist,
staring down into his eyes. He walked towards a back
room, kicking the door open and closed. She slid down
his body, slowly, deliciously. She stood against him,
his heart beating erratically with her, his breath
against her lips...Rogue wanted to kiss him, but never
did. Even when he was tender, when the room was candle
lit as they made love, they never kissed. Perhaps that
was too personal, to intimate even for dreams.Tonight,
she thought running her hand over and in his bulging
pants, would not be tender.
With a low growl he shoved her against the door, his
hands ripping the silk shirt off her. She cried out as
his head bent, laving a rough tongue against her
nipple. He took her into his mouth, suckling her
gently, then biting down. Rogue screamed as the
sensation overtook her. She needed him, more than
anything she needed him. He dropped to his knees,
unbuttoning her fly and dragging the leather pants off
of her damp skin. She stepped out of the pants, trying
to control her breathing as he parted her legs. Logan
drew his tongue across her and Rogue lost control, her
knees buckling. He picked her up, and carried her a
desk across the room, he swiped a hand across, sending
everything falling to the floor, before laying her
gently on it. She rose up, fumbling with his jeans,
ripping them open. She pushed the jeans off of him
with her feet, and then pulled him against her. She
touched him softly, from base to tip. His breathing
turned frenzied as she stroked him, then urged him
towards her. Logans grasped her hips and flipped her
over, plunging into her. Rogue screamed as he moved
inside of her, behind her, deep and fast. He ran his
hands over her breasts, her stomach and lower. She set
her feet on the ground and pushed back against him,
loving the feel of his hands...his mouth...his cock.
He entwined his hands in her hair, pulling her back
against him roughly. Rogue turned herself over,
setting her legs over his shoulders. She winked at
him, and grabbed his hair, pulling him downwards. He
growled and pounded her against the table, both of
them moving towards something indescribable. The front
of his cock brushed against her clit as he sped his
thrusts. Logan grabbed the side of her face, forcing
her eyes onto his. She saw the wildness, the wonder in
his hazel eyes, and she saw something else. Sadness?
She heard herself screaming, but it was almost as if
she was far, far away. And then everything exploded.
Logan stiffened and roared, spilling himself deeply
into her. Rogue felt pleasure so exquisite it bordered
pain and everything turned black.
When she opened her eyes she was back in her
bedroom, shaking uncontrollably. She looked over at
the sleeping forms of her friends, at least she hadn't
woken them up this time. She glanced at her clock, it
read 3:43. She closed her eyes and settled back onto
her pillow, hoping she could get one more dream in
before she had to wake up.

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