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Maybe Someday (Prologue)

TITLE : Maybe Someday
GENRE : Rogue Angst....eventually Rogue/Logan Romance
RATING : um...i'll say PG-13 because of adult
DISCLAIMER : X-men belongs to Marvel Ent, the
characters aren't mine, please don't sue me.
ARCHIVING: If you ask, i'll most likely say yes
SUMMARY: Only one person can help Rogue contain her
AUTHOR'S NOTES: If you hate it, just tell me...not
meanly, but constructively critisizingly :). Oh, and
I edited it myself and may have missed things, so if
it is really bad tell me and i'll see if someone can
edit it for me next time. Also, I really don't know
if I should continue this, I will only do it if
someone asks me to. Thank you.

Oh god, she wanted to kill herself. That thought
must have passed through Rogue's mind over a thousand
times a day. But in her heart, she knew that she
couldn't do it, at least not until she had a bigger
incentive. Afterall, she was a coward, or at least
that's how she saw herself. For that reason, she
built up protective walls to hide herself from other
people. She was too afraid to let anybody in. There
was only one person who had been inside her head, but
that was before the walls were built, and that person
was now gone. Probably never to return, even though
he promised.
Not that it would necessarily be a bad thing if he
didn't. Sure, she missed him, and she longed to be
close to him again like she once was. But if he was
to return, all the walls she had so carefully built
would be invisible to him. How could she let anyone,
even Logan, see inside her now? All that was there
was emptiness and pain. She didn't want anybody to
share that with her.
Even so, trying to overcome her barren thoughts
was a flickering sense of hope. A hope that one day,
she would no longer be the emotional and physical
outcast she was now. Professer Xavier was trying to
help teach her to contain her deathly touch, so that
she would be able to use it only when she wanted to.
She hadn't made much progress though, and there was no
one she could really practice on. Rogue had tried it
on some animals, but unfortunately killed them. It
pained her to think of that, of the deaths she had
caused. She just thanked god that it wasn't any of
her fellow X-Men she had decided to try it on.
Rogue's mind wouldn't let her forget the woman she
had practically killed. Yes, she had gained Ms.
Marvel's powers, but at such a high cost. A cost that
was definitely not worth it. She smiled though, her
thoughts drifting back towards the man who had
survived the wrath of her wretched powers, twice
infact. She wished everyone had been so lucky. Then
again, Rogue had wished for many things lately. Her
features darkened when the constant wish that plagued
her thoughts returned. The wish that one day, on one
of the missions that she went on with the X-Men, she
would die. At least then she would be honored for
dying heroically instead of being pitied for being
Shaking away her thoughts, Rogue looked up at the
moon. She remembered when as a child, she always
wanted to touch the moon. "I guess things don't
really change," Rogue sighed, realizing that there
would always be something untouchable for her. No
physical contact was much more painful then no moon,
though. Not necessarily sexual contact, she just
wanted somebody to hold her, really hold her, and tell
her that everything would be alright. "Maybe
someday....maybe someday," she whispered.

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