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Sharp Relief (Part 3)

Title: Sharp Relief (3/?)
Author: Meghan
Rating: Pg-13
Series: Sequel to Honestly Ok
Genre: R/L romance..eventually.
Disclaimer: Dont own em
Summary: Rogue has grown up...What will Logan think og her transition?
Comments: Its short as hell..but I began typing and want to go to bed...thought I would give you something to wake up to.
Feedback: Feedback is a virtue! hard is it to write some nice comments in an email and push the send button? Please..Im begging!


Moving as stealthily as possible Logan pushed past the half closed door. His eyes widened immediately at what he saw. A beautiful young girl stood in the center of the room, her eyes closed and her arms out in a defensive position. She moved slowly across the floor, the tight shirt and pants a little too formfitting for someone of her age. Logan stood there in absolute awe. The young girl was doing some sort of stretching, tai-chi..he wasn't sure. Her eyes were closed and she looked deep in thought...looked centered and focused. On his mind's urging he let his eyes roam her body, mentally outlining her curves. Then it hit him, reality came into play as he saw the long strand of white hair. Rogue? Nah..couldn't be. This was not the young girl Logan had left behind...not the little girl he had once held quivering and shaking on a train. This was a woman. Tearing his eyes away from the blossomed figure he shuddered at the thoughts racing through his mind. His instant attraction was squashed lowly as he reminded himself..this was Rogue, sweet..innocent..little sister-like Rogue. All was destined for hell if he couldn't even keep his hormones in check. *Your old enough to be her father...* a voice chastised him. A more gruff, careless voice interrupted...*Yeah..but she's legal ain't she...*.
Shaking the thoughts from his head Logan blinked. The helpless runaway he had met so long ago had burrowed her way into his heart..faster than anyone he had ever known. Just because she was grown up...and possibly the most ravishing beauty he had ever seen...didn't mean he had to act on impulse. Plus, the fact that the moment she came in contact with anyone.....they had the severe risk of being killed..kinda put a damper on things.

Tiptoeing closer towards her, Logan smirked. A nervous feeling settled in his stomach. How would she react when she saw him? Did she ever think of him anymore..even remember him? An idle look towards her slim neck revealed that she wasn't wearing a necklace...Did she even have his dog tags anymore?
Sure, they were junk but..really the only source of identity he had anymore...a gift from him to her that symbolized much more than a pure friendship.

Soon enough he was close enough to reach out. Moving his arms out towards her, he lightly grasped her shoulder. Before he could get any words out though he felt a sharp pain snap through him as something slammed into his face, connecting with his jaw. More than a bit fazed he collapsed to the ground. What the hell was that?

Pressing one hand to the sore spot beneath the hallow of his cheek he found himself looking up into the confused eyes of Rogue, who was now leaning over him..absently rubbing her knuckles.

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