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The Choice (Part 3)

Title: The Choice (3/?)
Author: Lexy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This takes place two and a half years after the movie
ended. Logan has still not returned, and Rogue is now twenty. Rogue
will be capable of human touch thanks to a new mutant at Xavier's
school, but it can only work on one person. Who will she choose?
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters in my story
for Zack Higgins.
Archiving: Yeah, I'd be honored to have this fic archived
Just let me know!!


I lay in my bed thinking over these last couple of weeks.
It's good having Logan back. I can tell that he doesn't like
relationship Bobby and I share. A smile comes to my face thinking
about this. I think Logan is jealous. Jean even told me last week
that she believes Logan has feelings for me, and not friendly
feelings. I couldn't help but blush when she told me this.
Anyway, Bobby and Logan have both been great. They have
given me my space to think, to make a decision. When I talk to
either one of them, they never mention my choice, but I know for a
fact that Logan checks with Zack everyday to see if I've made a
choice. I find it kind of amusing that he's checking up on me!
I found out about Logan's daily check-ins with Zack, I made Zack
promise me that when I made my choice he wouldn't tell anyone
whom I
chose, just that I made a choice. I wanted to tell the person face
to face. I didn't want it blabbed around the whole school before
had a chance to tell whomever I chose.
Usually I have trouble getting to sleep at night, but not
this night. I feel calm; relaxed. I have made my decision. I know
who I'll choose. I don't know how it happened exactly. One
I'm as confused as ever, and the next it all becomes clear to me,
there was no doubt in my mind.
I feel myself gradually falling asleep. I think to myself
before sleep claims me, `Tomorrow my life will change forever.
wish will come true.'
I fall asleep dreaming of my chosen one.


I wake up with a smile on my face. Today's the day all my
dreams come true. I know Logan has a meeting with the professor
early this morning, and Bobby promised to take one of the younger
students to town to buy him some new shoes, so Zack and I will be
alone when I make my choice.
I head downstairs and find Zack alone in the study, sitting
in an armchair reading a book. I walk up to him with a bright smile
on my face. He looks up from his book knowingly, "You've
made a
I nod. "Were you reading my mind?"
He shakes his head. "No, I could tell from the expression on
your face."
"Oh." I smile, a little embarrassed. "So, can you
off my mutation right now?"
He nods with a smile, and gets up to shut the study door to
give us a little more privacy. I sit across from him on the
footrest. He sits down in the armchair once again, and looks me in
the eyes, "All you have to do is tell me the person's name,
concentrate on that person, and I'll do the rest."
I smile understanding and tell him the name of the person
I've chosen. I then close my eyes and concentrate on him. I can
feel something going on in my body as I'm concentrating. I feel
I have gained a sense of control. After a few moments I open my eyes
to see Zack staring back at me with a smirk, "Done."
I feel like I'm going to burst. I hug him, making sure not
to touch his skin with mine. I can feel the tears in my eyes, as I
release Zack from the embrace. "Thank you Zack. You don't
know how
much this means to me."
He smiles warmly and says, "I just hope that you're
"I will be." I begin to get up to leave when I turn around
and remind Zack of the promise he made to me. "Zack, remember
you promised me."
He nods. "Yes, I know, don't tell anyone who you chose,
say that you made a choice, if they ask."
I nod and open the door to step out in the hallway when I
hear Zack's voice once again, "Rogue, I hope you're very
happy with
I turn around once more, "I will be, I finally will be."
I leave the study, and walk to my future, my chosen one.

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