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Finding The Self

Finding the Self...By: Kate J.
You know I don't own the X-Men! Enjoy! Feedback is wanted!!!!

Logan tried to clear his head as he drove down the long and winding road
to Charles Xavier's School for the Gift. He killed the engine just beyond
the gate. Deciding he didn't have the energy to see his friends just yet,
turning Scott's motorcycle towards town to find a beer. Stopping at the
first neon sign in sight. Parking the cycle in front than strolled inside.
His green eyes were not ready for the sight on the bar's small wooden dance
floor. His little Rogue, was no longer little. At first he did not know if
it was her then he spotted her white bang. In the three years he has left
her in the care of the X-Men, she has grown into a very beautiful young
woman. Her soft brown with the spot of white hung just below her shoulders.
The pale satin-like skin screamed 'touch me'. It was hard not to stare,
tearing himself away from the vision, he walked to the bar.
"What can I get you?" the friendly bartender asked.
"Beer." he grumbled. The dancing couple caught his attention once more.
After placing the cold bottle of beer in front of his customer, he followed
his gaze out to the single couple on the dancefloor.
"They're here every weekend, dancing." he divulged with a sarcastic
"Whose the guy?" Logan solicited aggravated.
"Remy...something. Cain't remember his last name. He came to Xavier's
school about year ago. About two or three months he and that girl started
"Are you talking about Remy and Marie?" she asked.
"We are." the bartender replied.
"Don, have you seen those dog tags that she always wears? I wonder who
Wolverine is?" Logan smiled a knowing smile, hiding it with a sip of beer.
So she had not forgotten about him, even after all this time. Funny, he had
really missed her.
"Thanks." he blurted out. He picked up his barely consumed beer.
Sauntered over to a cluster of tables, placing it on the nearest table. Then
proceeded on to the wooden surface. The guy was too involved in Marie to
notice Logan approaching them. "May I cut in?" He asked as he stood only a
few inches away. Both dancers were shocked. Rogue turned and immediately
"You're here!" she gasped happily. "You came back." her voice gave away
her surprise. "I missed you!" she explained as she hugged him warmly. She
then giggled.
"I've too missed you, Rogue or is it now Marie again?" he asked,
replaying the waitress' words.
"Either actually, Logan..." She held on tightly to his hand as if she was
afraid he would vanish into air. "Logan, this is Remy. Remy. this is Logan."
She looked around at their surroundings and smiled. "Logan, we have to stop
meeting each other in bars." she pointed out with a cackle. He guffawed with
her. Being this close to Xavier's newest 'student', Logan didn't like him.

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