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Loose Cannon (Part 4)

Author: Kitty Lee
Fic:Loose Cannon, challenge Series
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Rogues gone out of control..can anyone stop her?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All belongs to Stan Lee and 20th Century Fox. Go
away big bag suits.
Feedback: dyin fer it!
Notes: If yer new to the list, email me and I'll send it all.


"The wisest thing to do at this point in time is minimize the damage."
Professor Xavier said. "Fortunately she was living by herself, so no one
needs to see the damage done to the inside of the room. The door however....."

"I've already called Steve to replace it. He won't say a thing." Scott
said, remembering how the kindly old janitor had replaced many doors, and
patched walls when Scotts glasses had slipped off in younger days.

"Then it's best we just tell anyone who asks that Rogue decided to go to
the mutant college in Madagascar. I don't want anyone getting alarmed." The
professor sighed, looking into the grave faces of the X-Men. "Though we shall
tell Jubilee, Kitty and Bobby. As X-Men they have a right to know that..."

"She'll come back. But I don't know if it will be for the right reasons."
Jean said suddenly. She looked at Scott, frightened. "One night, last year
she woke screaming from one of Logans dreams, I went to help calm her down
and she touched me by accident. It was only for a brief moment, I was just
stunned, but since then I can...feel her. In times of distress."

"That's how you knew when she was having a bad dream, even when she wasn't
screaming." Scott mused.

Jean nodded. "She's..she's so angry Professor. Angry at us, herself...this
school. We have to find her before....." She let it trail off, her head
dropping into the palm of her hand.

"We have to go to Cerebrum." Storm said, standing. The Professor closed his
eyes for a moment.

"Eric has found her." He said, his face grave. "I can always feel Rogue,
because of the power she exudes, and the sadness, wherever she is. I can't
feel her anymore, Eric has her where ever it is he is hidden away. We can
only hope that she comes to her senses."

"Professor?" A knock sounded at the door and then it opened. Bobby, Jubilee
and Kitty walked in tired, dirty and sweaty from the game, but worried. The
professor wouldn't send them a telepathic message just to say good night.

"What happened?" Bobby said, noting the serious faces of the X-Men.
"Where...where's Rogue?"

"That's what we are here to talk about." The professor said, motioning for
them to sit down.

"Are we kicking her out of the group or something?" Jubilee asked in her
usual blunt way.

"No...." Xavier said slowly. "Rogue has, left. She demolished her room, took
a few things, and flew off. We think she may have joined forces with Magneto."

"Well...." Kitty said weakly. "On the upside, we won."

"What are we going to do?" Bobby asked, after a smile went around the room
at Kitty's comment.

"Wait." Jean replied softly. "She'll come looking for us."

"That sounds just peachy." Jubilee muttered. "Gimme ten seconds with her and
she's gone."

"Jubilee." Xavier said sternly. "Our number one objective is getting her
back, alive. There is still a very scared, very alone girl in her."

"A very scared, very alone, very dangerous girl." Jubilee said heatedly.
"Believe me when I say she won't think twice before touching one of us."

"Jubilee..." Bobby began.

"No! I'm sick of everyone humoring and babying her. She almost killed Bobby,
she's a raging bitch to everyone-"

"Jubilation!" Scott said, "You are an X-Men and a junior one at that. You
will follow orders." Jubilee quieted, her eyes still flashing.

"Jubilee, we want her back. She is an X-men, regardless. But if your life is
in danger, and you have no other choice, no other choice, " Xavier stressed,
"then you must do what can you can. But please, I believe I can help her."

"So we wait." Ororo said slowly. Xavier nodded.

"Jean, I would like to work with you on your link to Rogue in the morning.
For now, I would like everyone to get a good nights' sleep." As the X-Men
departed, Xavier closed his eyes again, seeking her. And again, she was gone.
Maybe she had been gone for a very long time, and he just hadn't noticed.

Bobby was uncharacteristically silent on the way home. Even Kitty's endless
supply of chatter seemed to have vanished. Jubilee however, was more than

"I knew she was evil. I knew it. She was just waiting to get away to
Magneto!" Jubilee said, pounding her fist into her palm.

"Shut up Jubilee." Bobby sighed, closing his eyes briefly. "Why don't you
try living in a world where you can't touch anyone, where you can never be
comforted, have a relationship.."

"Relationship. With who, you?" Jubilee seethed. "How can you have feelings
for her after all she's done to you?"

"Because I remember what she was like when we first met her. " Bobby
exploded, grabbing Jubilees arm. "How insecure and shy she was, how nice. I
remember the expression on her face when she told me that her mother had to
quit her piano career because Rogue had held her hand during a scary movie
and had scarred her fingers. That the first boy she kissed almost died, how
her father kicked her out, how the only person she trusted left in search of
his past and never called, never wrote, never cared. She walks around with
the knowledge that the only touch she'll get for the rest of her life will be
fearful hugs and pats on the arm. I think that's reason enough for her to be
a closed off bitch, don't you?" With that, he stalked off leaving Jubilee
open mouthed.

"He has a point." Kitty said timidly.

"Shut up."