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Sharp Relief (Part 1-Sequel to Honestly Ok)

Title: Sharp Relief (1/?)
Author: Meghan
Rating: PG
Genre: R/L romance eventually
Summary:Logan comes back to find the young girl he left behind all grown up.
Comments:This is for Nix's challange. I know Im slow but Im a perfectionist
and can't just knock out chapter after with me here! I
know its short but I have the next part almost done. So, it should be out
l8ter tonight.


The remnants of morning lazily poked through the barren sky. Night had
shifted from a dark ebony black to a light dusty blue. Logan couldn't help
the look of shock as soon as his eyes wandered to the watch strapped onto one
of his gloved hands. It was nearly four in the morning and it didn't look as
if he would catch a glimpse of sleep. Of course, his body had pretty much
become numb during his rain soaked drive, exhaustion fleeting his senses.

A series of knocks on the large, whitewashed door produced a half awake Jean
Grey. She was just as beautiful as Logan remembered. Her striking looks
could even be recognized this early in the morning. A look of cross anger,
confusion, and surprise enveloped her features and for a moment Logan was
sure she was going to slap him.

"Jean..." Logan greeted, a flirtatious smile found its way on his lips.

"Logan...?" the stunning red-haired, beauty responded, somewhere between a
statement and a question.
Noticing his apprehension Jean continued. "Your back..."

"Yeah, sorry about coming this early...I didn't want to wake you...I'll just
go check into a motel or sumthin.."

"No! wait.." Jean pleaded, everything beginning to seep in. "You might as
well come in...I mean, it's been so long...Six years.."

Before he could even compute her words, a masculine voice boomed down the
stairs, footsteps soon following.

The man known as Wolverine instantly grimaced, the familiar voice ringing in
his ears. With obvious distaste and disappointment he ignored the feelings
of jealousy that invaded him as the man possessively wrapped his arms around
Jean's waist, his ruby quartz glasses glaring in Logan's eyes.

"Hey Scotty-boy. I would have thought by now someone would have put you out
of your misery.."
Logan could see by the look on Scott's face, he was the last person he
expected this early in the morning.

"What are you doing back?" Scott growled. "I figured after the first dozen
bar fights, someone with a shotgun would have done us all a favor.."

"Aww...sorry to disappoint you.." fake sympathy laced Logan's voice. Trying
to get a better glimpse inside the mansion, Logan instantly became agitated.
"So, are you going to let me in...or let me freeze?"

"That's very tempting..." Scott let a smug grin shine through.

"I know I was always told not to play with my food but..." he felt the sharp
pricking of needles as his claws shot out from his knuckles. Grimacing in
pain, he felt like his flesh was being carved..but the anger diverged him
from worrying about anything he 'felt'.

Jean took initiative and jumped in between the two men. She wanted to make
sure the useless bantering and bitching didn't escalate.
"Both of you shut up...Logan, inside now...and Scott..calm down.."

Logan and Scott cowered at the angry, shrill tone. Like two little boys
being scolded by their mother, the two did exactly what she said..but not
without pouty scowls emblazing both of their expressions. Just by looking at
her face both knew that even carefully timed, puppy eyes wouldn't get them
out of hot water.

The large school hadn't changed at all. Furniture was precariously placed,
identical to how it had been 6 years prior. Of course Logan knew
better..Things weren't always what they seemed. Although, these days it felt
as if he were the only one who hadn't changed. The world had continued
turning, things constantly growing and evolving. Here he was just as
rebellious and troubled as before. Warmth grafted throughout the large
mansion and Logan almost completely relaxed, almost took off his leather
jacket and grabbed a beer...almost.

Logan could practically feel Jean and Scott's eyes staring right through him
and couldn't help but smirk. He definitely had control over the element of
surprise here. He didn't have to be telepathic to know what they were
thinking. He could still read both of them like a book.


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