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The Burning Red (Part 2)

Title: The Burning Red
Author: Deby
Rating: PG-13 I think
Summary: he's back
Genre: L/R
Archive: sure, just let me know where & please keep my name & email on it. Thank
ya very much! :)

Chapter 2

Scott's jaw clenches so tightly he sees stars as he stares at the man before
him. Coming outside to see Logan walking up the drive with a knapsack slung over
his back had shocked him and he was more upset to -not- see his bike then he was
to see Logan. "A TRAIN?!? How is it that it hit the bike and not YOU??" Scott
jabs his finger into the other man's chest, accusingly.

Logan smiles tightly, mockingly, his eyes glittering as he growls, "I wasn't on
it, but the person who was, well, he didn't fare any better then the bike."
Leaning closer to Scott, he grounds out in a low warning, "Now let it go at
that." Turning his back on the seething man, Logan walks to the mansion, his
mind focusing on more important matters. Like finding Rogue.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rogue stood at the door of Professor Xavier's office, hand raised to knock when
she heard a voice, 'Come in Rogue.' Despite her anguish, she can't help a small
smile escape at his welcome. Entering the large office, Rogue stands before the
desk, looking at the kind face of the Professor when the dam breaks. The
kindness that this man has shown her is overwhelming and the emotional events of
the last hour come crashing down on her. Collapsing into one of the large
leather seats at his desk, Rogue struggles to get ahold of her emotions, knowing
that he is waiting for her to speak. Finally clamping her teeth down on her
lower lip she looks up at him, slightly embarassed by her outburst. "Sir, I'm
sorry for that, I just.... I ...." She thrusts the crumpled letter in her hands
toward him. "I got this today."

Xavier reaches forward and takes the paper, smoothing it out so he can read it.
Sorrow fills his eyes as he looks up at Rogue. "I am so sorry for you Rogue, if
there is anything I or anyone here can help you with, please tell me. Are you
going to return to Mississippi to see your Mother?"

Rogue looks down and shrugs slightly, "I don't know, Sir. I... I feel I need to
but I'm scared." Her hands begin to tremble again and she stuffs them under her
legs, trapping them against the seat. "My Father, he was very angry when they
found out about...." Her voice fades off and she shrugs again.

"Rogue, you know deep inside you want to go, I think you should. It is the only
way you can put your past to rest. You need to..." He is interrupted when the
door flings open and slams shut violently.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Logan had asked everyone he saw on the school grounds about Rogue and no one
seemed to know where she was. Growing increasingly impatient, he stalks to the
Professor's office and bursts through the door, a demand to Rogue's location
dying on his lips when he sees her. His forward momentum is halted at the sight
of her. She's matured into a lovely woman in the years he's been gone but he
notices a definate sadness about her right now.

"Hello Logan, I see you've returned safely." Xavier smiles a welcome to him,
seemingly undisturbed by the interruption. He manuvers his chair around the desk
and pauses beside Rogue, leaning over to place a hand on her shoulder, "Rogue,
just go with what is in your heart." He straightens and nods at Logan on his way
out. Exiting the room he sends a thought out to Logan, 'She needs you right

Closing the door, Logan slowly walks to where Rogue is still sitting. She hadn't
looked up at him when he came in and he was worried. 'What is wrong?' he wonders
as he sits down beside her. "Hey kid." He whispers. Rogue finallly looks up at
him and he's shocked to see her red rimmed eyes and tear stained face. Moving
his chair closer to hers, he rests his hand on her shoulder. "What's wrong,

She swallows painfully around the lump in her throat and whispers, "I have to go
back home. My Momma is dyin'." Closing her eyes, she leans forward to rest her
head on her knees and stifles back a sob. With a low groan, Logan pulls her up
into his lap and cradles her close to his chest. Stroking her back with a large
hand, his touch soothing as she sniffles and whispers, "I'm scared to go back
Logan, what are they going to say if I show up?"

Rocking her gently side to side, he whispers against her hair, "I dunno, but
I'll be there with you. I'm not leaving you out of my sight again. I made a
promise and I've come back to keep that promise. If you'll let me."


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