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Loose Cannon (Part 2)

Author: Kitty Lee
Fic: Loose Cannon
Pairing: Logan/Rogue eventually.
Rating: PG 13, fer now
Disclaimer: The idea fer the fic is Lily's, and the characters all belong to
Stan and 20th Century Fox. Long live the King.
Summary: Challenge Fic-After waiting for Logans for four years, Rogue leaves
the school and goes to the other side. Can Logan return to help her?
(how corny and Batman-ish does that sound!)
Feedback: Nine out of ten dentists agree that it stops cavities before they

"I have some news. It's fun." Mystique whispered, draping across Eric's lap.

"And what would it be?" Eric said, leaning back in his metallic chair.
Mystiques eyes flickered over the underground cavern before replying.

"It seems our old friend Rogue is restless. I went back to the school and
heard the X-Freaks talking about how she's becoming somewhat of a baddie. She
wants to leave??'s grown violent, picks fights with the other students??mp;quot;

"Ahh yes." Eric mused, "I noticed something of a smile on her face when she
killed Denisio."

"She ready to come over. All she needs is a little push." Mystique slithered
off of Eric and changed her form into Xaviers. Eric stood and nodded, a faint
look of amusement on his face.

"That will do just fine. We could always use more help in our cause."

Xavier smiled. "If it worked once??mp;quot;

"Rogue, may I speak to you a moment?" She turned and saw Professor Xavier
at her door. Rogue looked at him, confused for a moment. The professor never
came into the dormitories, especially the female ones.

"Sure proff." She said, shrugging nonchalantly. "I thought everyone was at
the game."

"Everyone is, with the exception of me and you. You are once again isolating
yourself from the other students." He said, his tone a little sharper than
what she was used too. She turned and bit back the urge to roll her eyes. Her
respect for the professor overcame her frustration with the school. Barely.

"I hope this won't be another lecture." Rogue replied lightly.

"This isn't a lecture it's an expulsion." Xavier said slowly.

"A..a what." Rogue started at the professor, thinking that maybe she head
misheard him.

"For the past four years we've taken care of you, and all you've done is
mope around being miserly and secluding yourself, when, that is, you're not
being nasty to the other students or staff. Enough is enough." Rogue was
speechless, the professors usually kind, placid face was twisted in anger.
"You almost hurt a students and I won't have it. You're to be out of here in
an hour. Usually I'd give the students time to say goodbye, but I can't think
of a person who'd care."

Rogues legs started shaking, and she stumbled back onto her bed. "No.."
She moaned. This can't be?? was a trick, it must be. "You're not the
professor. You're Mystique." Rogue said, her voice less than strong.

"Oh really." Xavier said, turning. 'Sorry Rogue.' The voice n her head was
undoubtedly the professors. "An hour." And with that he left.

Rogue sucked in ragged gasps, her mind reeling. She was being kicked out.
She'd never heard of anyone being expelled. Rogue screamed and kicked her
desk, splintering it in half. She was filled with a dark mindless rage. She
pulled her closets door off it's hinges and grabbed a duffel bag, and started
throwing her clothes in it. She pulled out her dresser drawer and dumped it's
contents out, throwing it across the room when she was finished. She grabbed
Logans dog tags, something she had stopped wearing for the first time last
week. She debated on whether or not to keep them, and finally stuffed them to
the bottom of her bag. She looked at her room, it was wrecked and torn apart.
She smiled thinly and left. Whether he had kicked her out or not, she would
have left before long. She closed the door gently behind her, and then kicked
in it.

Rogue went to the end of the hall, and opened the window. She adjusted her
duffel bag over her shoulder and took off. Why she had felt bad about flying
after taking the power from Mrs. Marvel she didn't know. It was a wonderful
gift to have. Rogue flew over the basketball court, where two teams battled
it out. She saw Jubilee pass the ball to Bobby, and he sank it. Bobby picked
her up inn a bear hug and Jubilee screamed with laughter. She suppressed the
urge to swoop down and slap them all. Gloves off. She looked at the crowd and
saw Scott looking up at her, his face expressionless. One of the rules she
broke almost every day was of not to fly. If someone were to see it, it would
raise a lot of questions. People in high places knew about the school, or at
least they thought they did. But something like this could bring a wail of
anti-mutant picketers to the front steps. Rogue took one glove off, and
waved at him, before dropping it. Soon after the other one followed. She flew
off and promised herself that she would never wear gloves, or any full-body
covering again.

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