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Honestly Ok (Part 1/2-Rogue's POV)

Title:Honestly, OK (Part 1/2-Rogue's POV)
Genre:Rogue/Logan-leading to romance here!
Song:"Honestly Ok" by Dido
Disclaimer:I don't own em.
Summary:Rogue thinks about the man she once loved.
Comments:If I decide to do a sequel to this story I'll be using Nix's
possibility number 3. I'll tell you more l8ter
Feedback: Please please please! I'm begging! No more story :( k?
I just want to feel safe in my own skin
I just want to be happy again



Three words that summed up what she was these days. Chilling adjectives that
placed a label of hopelessness upon her.

Rogue propped her head against the cool glass window, reveling in the cold
relief it provided. Her eyes were transfixed on the clear streams of water
that followed the same pattern. The fast and beating water would collect at
the bottom of her window pane and fall to the ground below.

The Xavier institute's usual discreet and privatized appearance was only
heightened by the dark, bottomless clouds that pelted rain down upon the

Reluctantly she pressed her fingertips to the icy glass and a cold shiver
shot throughout her body. Within moments she felt her skin become numb and
frosty. Just how she liked it. Numb.
These days it was easier when she couldn't feel anything. Sadness seeped
into her features as recollection dawned on her. Hell, this cold window was
just about the only thing she could touch without causing
destruction....without causing death. Everyday it tore her apart, knowing
that her poisonous skin had caused so much pain. The only man who had ever
touched her....purpously, even after he knew what she was....was...well, he
was long gone. It had been 6 years since he had said good-bye to her. Logan.
The first two years he was gone she would stay awake. Every night her ears
would listen for any disturbance in the night...any sign that he was back.
Her spirits came crashing down each night that he remained far from her and
eventually the pain had become too thick.

I just want to feel deep in my own world
But I'm so lonely
I don't even want to be with myself anymore

It wasn't much better when the nightmares started. Horrible dreams of
experimentation and torture would flash through her mind. And it only took a
small while before she realized the memories weren't hers...they were
Logan's..her Logan. They were mind-numbing and pierced her soul every time
they invaded her slumber...but they were a part of Logan...and they helped
her understand him...all of him.

It shocked after all of this time she could still feel him, sense
him, smell him. Time and time again Rogue chastised herself for holding on
so dearly to someone who clearly was gone. But his horrid memories and
thoughts were the only comfort she had. They were her only true friend.

A glimmer of hope surfaced every now and again. It was as if late at night,
when she was laying in her bed, utterly silent and lonely she felt Logan
enter her mind. He was still connected to her too and she could tell
sometimes he would block her out...but when he thought she was
sleeping..would probe her mind farther for any solace and companionship.

During the late hours Rogue awoke in a cold sweat and would reach
out....reach out for him. How badly she needed him...wanted him to be
here..with her. To hold her and tell her he would take care of her. Now and
again anger set in and she would throw something against her bedroom wall,
smashing it to hundreds of pieces.

On a different day
If I was safe in my own skin
Then I wouldn't feel lost and so frightened

Why? Well that one was easy. Logan had left from her..after
everything they had been through..even after his solemn promise to take care
of her...he had left. 6 years and not even a phone call...not even a letter.
It was her right to be pissed...but holding on like this only cut deeper and
made waking up without him near her that much more unbearable. Usually her
fit ended up with her on the bedroom floor, her chin resting on her knee's,
and sobs wracking her small body.

Jean understood. Even if they rarely ever spoke, sometimes Jean would cast
her a sad glance and Rogue felt as if she was the only one who understood the
small gesture. Often the Professor would try to break down the walls in her
psyche, she had set up and find out what made her so sad, and anguished.
After a while of failed mind-readings he had given up...but Rogue knew that
he sensed her infatuation with Logan...even if it was -much- more than

All she had anymore were distant memories. Small things that brought a flood
of past actions.
The night after Logan had rode away she had precariously slipped into his now
vacant room and roamed the perimeter, as to find any momentos of
his...something to make sure she would not forget him.

To tell you the truth, Logan hadn't left much....hell..he hadn't even owned
that much. Among her findings though...Rogue had found an old shirt of
his..and a half smoked cigar.

Just to remember him somedays, she would pull the shirt out of her ebony
chested drawer and smile as his scent filled her room. An addictive mix of
cigar smoke and after-shave. The smell that eased her pain and made her fears
go away.

But this is today
And I'm lost in my own skin
And I'm so lonely
I don't even want to be with myself anymore

Closing her eyes, Rogue could already feel the warm tears running down her
face. She made no movement though...did not wipe the tears away. The salty
tears were the only warmth she had felt in a long while....the only thing
that reminded her that she still had -some- human in her. If it wasn't for
small crying...Rogue would have declared herself dead long ago.

The dark night surrounded her and was oddly comforting. Truly, right now all
she feared was the day to come..another morning where the sun would daunt
her...informing her yet again that Logan was never coming back...that she was
alone in a world that did not want her. She was didn't make
sense to her...but who would blame anyone...she was a curse. No one could
possibly love her.
Even Logan thought of her as a little sister...and her search for happiness
was hopeless.

Letting another tear slip onto her cheek Rogue abided as pain and longing
enveloped her.

I just want to feel safe in my own skin
I just want to be happy again

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