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Fierce Heart (Logan/Part 1)

Title: Logan
Author: Sammi AKA Mystic
Series: Start of one. "Fierce Heart"
Series Archived at: Nowhere just yet.
Rating: PG-13
Archive: nope
Disclaimer: My story. Stan Lee's creations!
NOTES: First X Men fic. Please be gentle. Yes I know this is short!

He sniffed the air and knew she was watching him. He knew she loved him, but
didn't know that he didn't love her the same way. He wanted the one who was
meant for another. The young woman who was infatuated with him was unable to
touch him without killing him or any other man who would love her. She was
too much like a daughter to him to be anything more than friends.

He loved how Jean walked. Her sweet scent was like roses to him. Everything
about her made him want her more. Then he saw HIM. The one who stood in the
way of him and Jean ever being together. Her eyes danced when she saw HIM.
She wanted to be with HIM.

Logan walked back into his room and lay on the bed. He turned out the lights
and thought about how Jean might touch him, how her soft hands would feel on
his rough muscular body. He wanted to protect her from the world, but he
knew full well that she could handle herself. She just might even be able to
beat him up. He smiled at that thought and pictured her in a black leather
cat suit with a whip. He rolled over to sleep, when he felt a small hand on
his back.

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