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The Burning Red (Part 3)

disclaimers and such in part 1 & 2....

'Oh. My. God. Logan's back.' Rogue didn't know how to react. With the
devastation of the events from the past hour, she was too strung out and
emotionally exhausted to do anything except cry. Sniffling against his chest,
she cries herself to sleep, her sobs subsiding to whimpers and an occasional

Realizing that she is quiet, Logan gazes down at her face and smiles sadly to
himself. Her damp lashes lay in a gentle curve on her high cheekbones, her
creamy skin blotchy from crying. Just barely resisting the urge to wipe the
tears from her cheeks, he sighs and gathering her close, he stands with her.
Walking softly, he carries her from the office and up to her room. It was one of
the first places he had checked when he was looking for her, Jean having told
him where it was. Entering her room quietly, he eases her down onto the bed as
gently as possible and pulls a blanket over her when she curls up on her side.
Carefully brushing her hair behind her ear, avoiding her skin, he whispers
softly, "I promised I'd come back to you."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"This is your captain speaking, please fasten your seatbelts and put your tray
in their full, upright position. We are preparing to land. Thank you for
choosing American Airlines." Sighing, Rogue sits up and smiles tightly at Logan
who is sitting beside her. "Looks like this is it..."

He reaches over and takes her gloved hand in his, "You'll be ok, Rogue." He nods
and looks out the window as the plane makes it's descent to the ground. Thinking
about the events that lay ahead of them. He's never met Marie's parents and yet
he can't help but feel anger toward them. They threw away a bright, beautiful,
loving child, -their- child, because of something she had no control over. He
was angry for the damage they did to her soul and yet he is thankful as well. If
it weren't for their disregard for their daughter, he would have never met her.
He knew that the woman-child he met those years ago saved him. Saved his soul
and made him a whole person. He would always be thankful for her coming into his
life. The jolt of the plane touching down snaps his attention back to the
present and he smiles at Rogue reassuringly. "Are you ready?"

Rogue shrugs in return and whispers, "I guess." Her stomach is doing flips flops
and she desperately wants to throw up but instead she squeezes his hand and
makes a nervous attempt to smile. Gathering up her carry on bag and his, they
exit the plane and head into the lion's pit.

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