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Maybe Someday (Part 3)

TITLE : Maybe Someday
GENRE : Angst as always, LOL
RATING : A few curses...that's PG-13 right?
DISCLAIMER: The X-Men aren't mine, they belong to
ARCHIVING: If you have the prologue and everything
past it, you can archive this. If not, you can
archive it anyway but make sure you let me know where
it's at, and also that you get the other chapters.
SUMMARY: Rogue struggles with deep emotional problems.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I changed the summary above because I
think the one at Kielle's site sounded better ;). By
the way, Rogue is 21 in this fanfiction, Logan has
been gone for 4 years.
FEEDBACK: It is greatly appreciated, good or bad, as
long as you're nice about it :)
THANKS: I'd like to thank anyone who has beta read my
work so far (Chris, Crystal, and Meg...thanks!)

After storming around the school a bit, Logan calmed
down a little. He was still wounded by Rogue?ords,
but he quickly pushed those feelings away. He refused
to show any weakness, especially not to her. In fact,
he?e damned if he let her have the last word.
Logan marched back up to Rogue?oom and barged
through the door again.

?ten, if you think that you...?? started, but
trailed off when he realized that he wasn't talking to
anybody. The room was empty, Rogue must have left.
Logan glanced around the room, taking in the
surroundings which he had failed to notice before,
when something caught his eye. Something shiny in an
open drawer. Wondering if it was what he hoped it
was, Logan inched closer to the drawer and
subconsciously gasped when seeing what it was. His
dog tags! She had kept them. Rogue had lied to him,
she didn?hrow them away. He was seeing them with
his own eyes, unless he was hallucinating. But he
wasn?he knew he wasn?

Logan swiftly pocketed the dog tags and set out to
find Rogue. If she lied to him about the dog tags,
she was definitely lying to him about everything else,
and he?ind out why. He *knew* he should have
trusted his original instincts, but of course he had
to let his stupid emotions get it the way. Well, it
wouldn?appen again.

Getting to the garage, Logan mounted his motorcycle,
ready to take off.

? so fast, Wolverine. Where do you think you?
going???clops asked crossly.

?e of your business, asshole,??gan replied and
started the bike.

? you running again? Not that I mind, I think it
would be best for everyone. I just want my bike
back,??clops yelled over the engine.

?yeah, I forgot to thank you last time for the
parting gift. Unfortunately, it?lown to little
pieces somewhere up north. This one?ine, isn?he
a beaut? Catch you later, bub,??gan finished and
rode out of the garage. He couldn?ven enjoy
Cyclops?ssed expression because he was so focused
on Rogue. Logan wanted answers, and he wanted them

It wouldn?e hard to find her. He could smell her
scent, so she couldn?e too far away. Her scent
flooded through him, almost making him incapable of
logical thought. When he recognized where it was
coming from, however, his thoughts came back in a full
rush. ?t is Rogue doing by the cliffs??
wondered. Dread suddenly overcame him when he
realized what she would probably be doing there. ?
my God, she?oing to kill herself! I have to stop
her,?? thought determinedly, and rode on full speed
into the night.


Rogue stared into the ocean, as she had so many times
in the past few years. This was almost a ritual for
her. Every time she felt depressed, which was
actually quite often, she would come here to clear her
mind. To think about killing herself. To wonder what
it would be like to jump and just get it over with.
To live, and maybe one day, to die. While staring,
she wondered the thoughts she always did when she came
here. She knew she was scared....but was she scared
to die, or to live?

Out of the corner of her eye, Rogue caught sight of a
deer eating from a bush. She knew it was time for the
next part of the ritual. ? sorry,??e whispered
to the deer though she knew it wouldn?o any good.
She flew to the deer at a great speed and before it
could get away, she grabbed it with her bare hands and
held on with her super strength. Rogue watched as she
sucked the life out of the deer, though at the same
time she was confused. It was taking longer for the
animal to die than it usually did. Was she finally
able to control her powers?

The deer finally gave in to death and fell to a heap
on the ground. Rogue cried silently and cursed
herself for getting her hopes up. No, she couldn?lt;br>control her powers, but at least it looked like she
was improving. Rogue suddenly felt a jolt of
happiness run through her body. She had finally,
after four years, made some progress. Looking down at
the water again, she knew that tonight was not her
night to jump. She knew in her heart that she would
never end up killing herself anyway. It wasn't her
style. Coming here just felt therapeutic.

Rogue turned around and to her surprise, a motorcycle
pulled up about twenty feet in front of her. Startled
by both the sight and the noise, she stumbled and
tripped on a rock. Not able to catch her balance,
Rogue fell off the cliff and let out a bloodcurdling

?ooo!!! Rogue!!!??gan yelled. He was too late.
The girl who meant more to him than his own life had
just jumped off of a cliff, and it was all his fault.
He had driven her to suicide. Logan just stared in
disbelief at the spot where Rogue had just been. He
could feel the tears beginning to prick at his eyes,
and did all he could to stop them. Instead, he let
out an angry, heartbroken howl towards the heavens.

"God dammit, Logan, you could have killed me!"
a voice yelled a couple of feet from where he stood.

"Rogue? You're alive?" he asked, unsure if he
was going insane. He saw Rogue floating in the air,
as if she were a ghost...or maybe an angel.

"Yeah, no thanks to you," she said, annoyed.
?t do you think you?doing here???t;br>
?as stopping you from jumping off a cliff!" he
shouted, as if stating the obvious.

Rogue glared at him. He found out that she was here,
and immediately assumed she was going to jump? Didn't
he even consider that maybe she just needed some time
alone? "I wasn't going to jump," she stated.

"But I just saw you do it! Speaking of
which...why the hell aren't you dead?" he asked,
astonished yet glad that she hadn't gone off the

"First of all, I didn't jump off the edge, but
I fell off because you're motorcycle startled me.
Second of all, I'm not dead because I have the power
to fly now. Oops, I guess I forgot to mention that
before," she said sheepishly. "Oh yeah, I also have
super strength."

Logan took in all of what she just said. The
part that bothered him the most was when she said she
had fallen because he startled her. What if she
hadn't been able to fly? Then he would have killed
her. "I'm sorry," he grumbled and looked away from

"It's all right," Rogue told him and walked
closer to where he was. "I'm actually quite flattered
that you were trying to save me. I guess you really
meant in when you promised to protect me that day on
the train," she smiled, thinking of that fond memory.

Instead of responding, Logan moved closer to her
until her face was only inches from his own. Deciding
he couldn?ake it anymore, he lowered his head and
kissed her passionately. He knew it wasn?afe...he
had heard of what happened to the last boy she kissed.
But he didn?are what happened to him, or if he
ended up in a hospital. All he wanted was this moment
with her, let the consequences be damned.