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Change (Part 2)

TITLE : Change(2/?)
AUTHOR :Helen McGregor
GENRE : Drama. All characters, focus on Rogue and
RATING : R for some situations.
DISCLAIMER:Don't own them. The characters belong to
their respective companies. All I own is the plot.
ARCHIVING: ask first.
SUMMARY: A new terror threatens the X men, especially
Wolverine and Rogue.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: First X-men fanfic : |
Set after the movie ends.

Rogue stopped at her door, she could see her window.
She looked down, she tentatively walked to the front
door, memories flooded her eyes. Her father and
mother were there. It was very weird to be back here,
a place where she was labeled a freak, ostracized for
being different. She summoned the courage to knock
on the door. The door opens and she sees her Dad, she
smiles with shame. Her father looked at her,

-"What are you doin' here?"

-"I came to see Mama."

-"She's gone, she's left."

-"Where'd she go?"

-"She died. You best be on your way..."

-"But I just got a letter from her."

-"She passed on."

-"But..." Rogue was interrupted by the clamor of a
slamming door. She was shocked, she closed her eyes
and tears streamed down her face. She wasn't there
fast enough to see her Mama. She cleared her throat
and wiped her tears. She turned around and walked, 2
more miles until the bus station. She cried as she

* * *

The thunderous bike pulled up into the driveway, Logan
looked around. It was unusually quiet for this time
of the day. He walks into the front door and the
Professor welcomes him,

-"Nice to see you again, Logan."

-"Yeah, same to you. I heard about ah...that

-"Yes, it's quite a shame, it has installed fear among
the community." The professor answers.

Logan looked around, his heightened sense of hearing
detected something unusual, quiet.
-"It's awfully quiet around here, where's everyone?"

-"Storm and Cyclops are on a mission. Jean is helping
them out from her office, gathering information."


-"Rogue left."

Wolverine tilted his head and frowned, "What do you
mean left?"

-"She received some rather disturbing news about her
mother, so she took off."

-"She herself."

-"Hmmm, before the news was broadcast."

-"I am going after her."

-"There's no point. Storm and Cyclops have a
substantial lead, they are much closer to her than
you. By the time you leave, they would already be

-"Is she all right?"


Logan nodded and cleared his throat, "Let me go see if
Jean needs assistance."

The Professor turned around and remembered, "Did you
find what you were looking for?"

-"Didn't quite make it to the past, but I thought I
would come help with the future." Logan said as he
walked into the main hall.

* * *

Storm and Cyclops got to the front of Rogue's house.

-"You think she's still here?"

-"Where else would she be?" Cyclops added.

The duo walked to the front door. The door opens,

-"Is Marie in?"

-"There's no Marie here."

-"Are you sure?"

The man looked at the duo, "There's no Marie," and he
closed the door. Scott and Ororo looked at

Storm began, "Where could she be?"

-"I'll call Jean, she'll ask the Professor to locate

-"I'll walk down towards the bus station and see if I
can catch up with her."

Scott got in his car and dialed the mansion.

Jean Grey's office

She was busy looking at files and maps when her
concentration was broken by a familiar voice,

-"Miss me?"

She looks up with wide eyes, he was here she could not
believe it, "Logan, you startled me."

-"I thought you were telepathic?"

She smiles, "I guess my mind is somewhere else."

He smiles, "Any news?"

-"No not yet, Scott was suppose to..." Jean's words
were interrupted by the phone,

-"Scott, did you find her?"

Her expression became a little more dire, "I'll go
talk to the Professor right now."

-" too. Bye."

Logan was impatiently waiting, "So?"

-"She left, I have to find the Professor."

Logan was left in the office, "Come on kid, be all

Bus station
Ticket booth

She bought the ticket and was waiting for her boarding
call. She was still hooded, a little bit more sombre
than usual. When the silence was interrupted,


She looks up, Storm was sitting next to her, "Hey"

-"How are you?"

-"How's your mother?"

-"She's...gone, I didn't even get a chance to say

-"She knows."

Rogue looked at her friend, "I was getting ready to
come home."

-"That's where we came to take you."

The two walked on, reimbursed the ticket, and headed
towards the car, where Cyclops awaited.


Professor X gets out of Cerebro and he smiles, "They
found her, she's safe and on her way home."

Jean and Logan smile. Logan begins, "What about that
biomutaton company, what are we gonna do about that?"

-"We are going to stop it."

-"Have you figured out some over the top way to do
it?" Logan adds.

-"Actually, I was going to use your approach. The go
and fight."

-"Well, nice to know that I am finally appreciated."
Logan adds.

Later that night

Jean Grey, Professor Xavier, and Logan sat around,
Storm and Cyclops along with Rogue were on their way
back to the mansion.

Jean begins, "So how was your trip to Canada?"

-"Fine, cut short." Logan answers with his mouh full.

-"Are you going back?"

-"Yeah, after this mess is over."

The Professor jumps in, "Hopefully it'll be soon."

Jean jumps in to add some reassurances, "Storm called
and they aren't very far from the NY border."

The Professor adds, "Good, they should be here by
morning, they are going to stop at a hotel to spend
the night."

Logan frowns, "How do you know that...nevermind."

A chuckle escaped the Professor's lips.

* * *

-"This is a fancy hotel!", Rogue exclamed as she
hopped on the bed.

Storm smiled, "Yes, I suppose. You need to freshen up
before we go and get dinner?"

Rogue nodded and smiled. Storm continues, "I'll give
you your privacy."

-"You don't have to,"

-"I know."

Rogue was left in the room. Today was a day from hell
to put it mildly. Rogue knew, at least deep down,
that a reaction from her father would have been one of
rejection. She took a deep breath. She needed
someone to hug her and tell her everything is all
right, but at the same time she wanted to be left
alone, because that way she wouldn't have to deal with
anyone, hurt anyone.

She stood up and walked to the window. It was so
deserted, so peaceful.....

Suddenly, the clamor of the shattering glass caused
sadness to turn into fear, The appearance of a giant,
feline entity appeared before her. His sardonic grin
and his hateful eyes spoke volumes of his intention.
The cold wind was now blowing into the room, Rogue
took a few steps back, Sabretooth began,

-"Remember me?"

All that Rogue could do was scream.....

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