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High On You

Title: High on You
Author: Diebin
Rating: R
Series: Compass Points
Setting: Two years post movie
Pairing: Logan/Rogue
Disclaimer: I own not.
Thanks to: Shana, for being her. *eg* And everyone else for the


Patience was never my virtue.

Plans are all well and good, but when temptation is dancing in your face,
it's awful hard to be noble and true and sit around twiddling your damn
thumbs instead of taking what you want.

It's not like she's unwilling. Body language isn't too hard to read, and
hers is screaming for me. I could have had her before--probably could have
had her that first night in the medbay if I'd wanted.

The fact that I waited an entire week should mean something.

I still feel guilty as hell.

I don't have much doubt that she'll come to me. I've shamelessly addicted
her to my touch over the last week. It didn't take much. I know enough of
women to know where to touch them and how--and the fact that she's never
felt a lover's touch at all made it almost embarrassingly easy.

But as time drags on, and I'm still sitting here, alone--I can't help but
worry. Maybe she won't come. Maybe I'm hopelessly arrogant and self-assured,
thinking myself some kind of earthbound sex-god.

Maybe she'd rather have no touch at all than have mine.

She wouldn't be the first woman who refused to touch me after discovering
what I am. Human women are afraid because I'm a mutant. Mutants are afraid
because I'm not just a mutant--I'm something else. The product of some
military experiment gone horribly wrong. Some are afraid I'll hurt them, no
matter how much I assure them that I've never once skewered a lover in the
heat of passion.

Some are just afraid.

I was sure that she'd be different. I lived in her head--she lived in mine.
She of all people would know I'd never hurt her.

Try as I might to be casual about it, I can't help but turn towards the wall
that separates me from her. If I stop my pacing and still my breathing, I
can hear the sounds around me clearly--even through the thick walls in this

She's not in her room. I can tell that at once--I'm so attuned to the sound
of her breath as she sleeps at night that I could find her from the other
side of the building. She's not in her room--but she is close.

And I stalk her, like an animal. My ears pick up the sound of restless
breathing outside my door, and I walk towards it slowly. The closer I get
the more I can hear--the rapid beating of her heart, the sound of her
nightgown shifting against her skin as she moves--I can hear it all . . .
and jaded as I am it makes my heart beat faster.

Clamping down on the feeling, I swing the door open and stare at her.

She stares back, her lips curling into a self-conscious smile.

"Were you gonna stand out there all night?" It's amazing how calm my voice
sounds. You'd think I seduced virgin mutant girls every day.

"Only till someone came by and asked why I was staring at your door," she
responds, her voice slightly breathy. "I--" Her face changes suddenly--the
mask falling away and fear standing plain on her face. "I don't know what
I'm doing--"

I have her in the room and the door closed before she can say another word.
I don't know who's breathing more erratically--her or me--but I do know that
she moans at the slightest touch of my fingers on her skin. She falls into
the door as I lean in, her hands curling into my arms.

"Logan--" Her voice is a gasp as I slide one hand down to cup her waist,
pulling her body flush against mine. God she feels good--and I have to grind
my teeth as her hips push against mine, calling the basest instincts I have
into play.

It's hard to remind myself she's never even been properly kissed. I'd
deserve death or worse if I took her now, here against the wall--but it
doesn't stop the need.

She's lighter than she looks--light enough so that I have a free hand to run
through her hair as I press her against me and turn towards the bed. It
feels so good to stroke her hair and not worry--to be able to sink my
fingers through the silky strands and touch her scalp.

She stretches out on the bed as soon as I set her down, starting to push
herself up into a sitting position. Doesn't take much to forestall that--I'm
stretched out beside her faster than I thought I could move, pressing my
body into hers as I sink one hand under her head and tilt it up.

"I'm going to kiss you now Marie." Her eyes are so wide, staring up at me in
helpless need. Sliding my gaze down to her slightly parted lips, it's all I
can do to leash my automatic reaction. Need is taking over already--I have
barely touched the girl and I'm thinking my pants are getting a little

She'll be the death of me, powers be damned.

She stares at me as I lower my lips, averting at the last second to give her
a kiss on the jaw, sliding my lips down her skin to her neck. Her skin is
so smooth--so soft. Somehow it's a distinct thrill to know that no other man
has touched her here but me.

No other man has seen the way her body twists. She's moaning and begging and
responsive as hell, arching her neck back and twining her fingers in my hair
as she gasps at the feeling.

Having a woman twisting about like this at the barest touch--it could give a
man an ego awful fast.

"Logan--" Blood starts rushing to all the wrong parts of me--at least, if I
want to keep my head on straight--at the sound of her voice moaning my name.
Her fingers become more insistant, and she pulls my head away from her.

I gotta give the girl credit. I don't know if she's drunk on touch or if I
weaved my spell too well of even if it's just because she wants it so
much--but one minute I'm staring down at her, and the next minute I'm

She doesn't really know what she's doing.

I do.

We're both breathing pretty heavy when I pull back to give the girl some
air, but she just groans and pulls me back, her mouth opening under mine as
she kisses me for all she's worth.

She's worth an awful lot, experience aside.

"Logan--" she sinks her face into my neck and heaves for breath. "Touch me."

Oh gods . . . I thought she'd never ask.


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