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An Odd Sense of Deja Vu (Rogue's POV-Part 1/2)
An Odd Sense of Deja Vu (Rogue's POV-Part 2/2)
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Paperback Hero

Find the Self (Part 2)

The redheaded young man oozed over-confidence. Even Summers was less
annoying than this kid. "Have you seen everyone else?" she asked with
enthusiasm in her Southern drawl.
"No, not yet."
"Oh, they'll be happy to see you!" she told him gleefully. "Oh Remy."
She had forgotten he was there. "You don't mind if we go home?"
Of course, he did. He didn't like the way this old timer hogged all of
Rogue's time. She was HIS mark. "Of course not, darlin'" Even his voice
exuberated his apparent cockiness. Logan wanted to ram his claws into this
guy. The beautiful and curvy youthful woman nearly dragged him to the door.
"You ridin' with me, mon cherie?" The newcomer questioned in that Cajun
accent of his. There was silence as she decided, both hearts were willing
her to ride with them.
"No, I think I'll ride with Logan. It's been three years since he left.
We have a lot of catching up to do, you understand?" Remy didn't miss the
mocking grin on his elder's face, even in the dark of the night.
"Alright, darlin." he said with a faux sunny tone. "I'll see ya at the
big house." With that he jump started the cycle's engine and rode off. Both
watch him go.
"You like him?" He really tried to hide his distaste, but Rogue heard
The man was leaning against his borrowed motorcycle with his breathtaking
female companion standing directly in front of him.
"No, not really. He's just a reason to get out!" The young woman kept
thinking to herself, you're the only man I've ever wanted. Her statement
bothered the older man.
"Did Xavier treat you alright?" She smiled at the worry she heard in his
gruff voice.
"Like a daughter." she assured him.
"The others?" he growled, vowing to ram them all if the answer was a
negative. He would especially like to impale Scott Summers.
"With love."
"Then what?"
"Sometimes I just have to get out. Away from the..." she stopped before
she embarrassed herself. From the things that remind me of you, she thought.
"From what, Marie?" he coaxed.
"Things." she said firmly. He decided to let it go for now. "So did you
find what you were seeking?" She changed the subject.
Logan went along with her. He thought carefully before answering. "Yes
and no."
"How's that?" At the utterance of the affectionate pet name, her heart
began to flutter. "...I haven't found any thing about my past."
"I'm sorry." she said, putting a reassuring pat on his lower arm. Her
light touch was so innocent and yet for him it was so hard to take just one.
He shut his yellow-green eyes to the images it conjured up. Rogue's heart
beat ten times faster as her hand touched the sleeve of his faded jeans
"I've decided I can't dwell on my past, but I can concentrate on my
future." he said with certainty.
"Does that mean you're staying for good?" She was holding her breath.
Willing herself to not get her hopes up.
"Yes." he said with a smile. Marie wanted to burst out of her skin with
sheer happiness. "I think I've found myself now, kid." There was a
comfortable silence. "Let's go home." Yes, for the first time in three years
it would feel like a home. This is not to say, she hadn't felt loved in that
span of time. It was only she would now feel whole.
"Okay...oh, wait." She reached out to touch his arm. When he faced her,
hand lightly yanked off the dog tags he gave her the day he left. "Here."
She would not need them anymore now that he was here.
"No, keep them for me, please." he whispered. Logan was eager to change
the subject. "So what have you been up to?"
"Actually, I graduated two years ago." she told him proudly. He felt
guilty for not being there on her important day. "Don't feel guilty." It was
as if she read his mind. Mentally, he decided to ask Jean or the Professor
about that. "You had to try to find yourself. I help the teachers now, can
you believe it?" She questioned with a giggle.
"Are you a part of the X-Men?" he inquired, not knowing if he wanted to
hear her answer.
"Yes." she proclaimed satisfied. " We?be working side by side,
Logan." She paused to attempt to read his unreadable expression. "I've
acquired the ability to fly. "Still after a year, she was ashamed of it.
Rogue hadn't meant to kill Ms. Marvel. But, slowly, through the help of
Scott, Jean and the Professor, she is learning how to use it.
"Oh, I'm learning how to control my powers, by absorbing them completely.
Through mind over body techniques." she reported unreservedly. If he hadn't
been fully aware of the change that occurred to Rogue, he was now! Flying,
controlling her powers, he shook his head. Damn, he has been gone too long.
"By the way, Rogue." he said quietly.
"Yeah, Logan."
"You look beautiful!" She hoped that he couldn't see her turn to the
color of crimson. He did.
"Thank you." she offered softly.
"Your welcome. Come here, kid." He opened his strong arms and she walked
into them. She closed her dark eyes, savoring every minute. The male mutant
had a feeling that this was almost too right to have this lovely creature in
his arms. But he brushed it off, pushing it from his mind, telling himself
it was wrong for him to feel that way. Yet he wanted to relish the moment.
They stayed in that position for a few minutes. "Ready?" No, her body
yelled. But all she could manage was a weak, "yes".

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