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The Choice (Part 4)

Title: The Choice (4/4)
Author: Lexy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This takes place two and a half years after the movie ended. Logan
has still not returned, and Rogue is now twenty. Rogue will be capable of
human touch thanks to a new mutant at Xavier's school, but it can only work
on one person. Who will she choose?
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters in my story except for Zack
Archiving: Yeah, I'd be honored to have this fic archived anywhere. Just let
me know!!


I've been back three weeks, and these have been the most important three
weeks of my life. Rogue hasn't made a choice yet, and I'd be lying if I said
it wasn't driving me crazy! Sure, I told her that I want her to be happy,
and I do, but I want her to be happy with me, not that Bobby kid. I don't
like him! He's always around talking to her, listening to her, comforting
her! That's my job! I wish he would just stay the hell away!
So far, I've been pretty patient! I've done exactly what the professor
told me to do. I'm letting her make the choice, even if it isn't me. God, I
hope she chooses me! Just because I'm giving her the time and space to make
a choice doesn't mean I don't check the status of her decision. I manage to
find Higgins everyday, and ask him if Rogue has made a decision! I want to
know the minute she does! I need to know, my life, my future depends on this
I'm heading to Professor Xavier's office right now. I have a meeting
with him. He likes to delve into my mind every so often, to see if he can
discover anything from my past. As much as I want to know about my past, it
doesn't compare to the importance of the present and future.
After a half-hour of searching for answers and finding nothing, the
professor lets me go, but not before reminding me to let Rogue make the
decision and scheduling me for another "meeting" in three days. You know, as
much as I may respect the professor for looking out for Rogue, he doesn't
have to act like I'm going to force her to make a choice! I would never do
that to her!
I need to find Higgins, and see if Rogue's made a choice yet. I'm not
expecting one. This thing could take Rogue months, even years. I hope not.
I can't stand to be so close to her and not be able to touch her!
After a few minutes of searching, I find Higgins in the study. He looks up
from his book with a blank stare. I shake it off, "So Higgins, any change?"
He pauses for a second then nods, "Yeah, she made a choice, and I just
switched off the mutation for her a couple of minutes ago."
I can't believe it; she did it! Could she have chosen me? I need to
know! "Who did she chose?"
He starts reading his book again, avoiding my eyes, "I swore to her I
wouldn't tell anyone who she chose."
Ok, I can respect that, but I need to find her now! "Where did she go?"
He shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, she didn't say."
With that I left the study. I had to find Rogue. I had to know who she
chose, and I hope to God it was me!
I search the grounds of the school for an hour, and there is no sign of
Rogue. No one has seen her or Bobby. Then, it hits me, she's with Bobby!
Rogue chose Bobby! I feel like my heart has just been ripped out! I've
never felt so much pain in my entire life. I can't take it! I head up to my
room. I need to be alone. I need to figure out how I'm goin' to be able
watch Bobby touch her, be with her. I told her I would be happy for her no
matter the decision. I lied!
I'm numb. I can't see, I can't feel, I can't sense anything. I walk
into my room and slam the door behind me. I turn and face the door, and rest
my head on it. What am I goin' to do? Just then I hear a voice, her voice,
"Logan, are you OK?"
I think to myself, 'Oh, great Logan, now you're hearing her voice
everywhere you go!'
The next thing I know a hand is on my exposed arm, and I hear her voice
again, "Logan, tell me what's wrong?"
I turn around at this, and I see her face, Rogue's face staring back at
me. I look down at my arm and see her uncovered hand resting on my exposed
arm. I'm speechless. I can't get any words to come out of my mouth. She
reaches up with her other hand and strokes the side of my face. I grab the
hand that's touching my face, and hold it feeling her skin on mine. Barely
audible words escape my lips, "You're??u're touching me."
She nods, and I continue, "You?? chose me?"
She nods again, tears in her eyes, "There was no other choice I could
make. You're the one."
Tears are now rolling down her face now, and I reach out and gently wipe
them away, feeling her silky skin on mine. I can't contain myself any
longer. I lean down, and capture her lips ever so gently with mine. After a
few moments, the kiss turns more passionate, and I have to break the kiss
before we get carried away. I look into her eyes and utter the words I have
never said to another soul, "I love you Rogue."
She smiles, tears in her eyes again, "I love you too, Logan."
I kiss her forehead and pull her into a tight embrace, "I'll take care of
you Rogue. I'll take care of you until the day I die."
We stayed like that for a while, just holding each other, being together.
I may never know about my past, but I know my future - Rogue.


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