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Change (Part 3)

TITLE : Change(3/?)
AUTHOR :Helen McGregor
GENRE : Drama. All characters, focus on Rogue and
Wolverine. Based on the movie.
RATING : PG-13 for some situations and language.
DISCLAIMER:Don't own them. The characters belong to
their respective companies. All I own is the plot.
ARCHIVING: ask first.
SUMMARY: A new terror threatens the X men, especially
Wolverine and Rogue.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: First X-men fanfic : |
Set after the movie ends.
Word of the day: Feedback
Used in a sentence: Send me Feedback!! pretty please

.... "AAAHHHH!!!!"

Cut to Scott's room,

Storm jerks and looks back at Scott, "did you hear

Scott nods. A look of shock ensued, "Oh God, Rogue."

Cut to Rogue's room

Rogue gets away from the window as she runs away,
Sabretooth jumps and grabs her foot. Rogue loses her
balance and she falls hitting her head on the side of
the bed. Sabretooth, proud of his rather easy
apprehension, lets his guard down,he begins to grab a
blanket, when a fluorescent beam of light misses him
by inches. The beastly attacker growls with fear. He
lunges towards the X men, when Storm's marble eyes
produces a lightening that immobilizes Sabretooth.
Scott gets close to the intruder to make sure he is of
no immediate threat, he takes the electric cord and
uses it as constraints. Meanwhile Storm had rushed to
their fallen friend. A worried Storm looks at Scott,

-"She's unconscious, probably because of a concussion.
She needs a doctor."

Scott takes a deep breath, "She can't exactly go to a

-"She has to, at least until Jean gets here."

Storm and Scott look at each other.

Professor Xavier's room

Professor Charles Xavier's eyes shot open. His
telepathic ability has offered a vivid image of the
ordeals of his friends. He telepathically summons Jean
and Logan.

Logan was having an unusually quiet night, his
nightmares seemed to have subsided this past week. The
intruding voice called on him. He opened his eyes and
immediately got up.

Jean was still on her computer, trying to find some
information on Biomutaton. The glare of the screen
was being reflected on her glasses. As of yet, she
has not been able to clear any of the security levels.
Her concentration was interrupted by the Professor.
She rose up and joined him.

Hotel Room

-"Scott, The paramedics and the police will be here
soon, what do you want to do with Sabretooth?"

-"You hit him pretty hard, I'll just move him to the
closet. We'll tie him up more and take care of it
after we make sure everything is OK with Rogue."

Scott and Storm stood aside as the paramedics made
their way to Rogue. Touch, something so simple is so
complicated in the case of Rogue. Luckily, they did
not have to divulge that information because they were
wearing gloves and long sleeves. Scott and Storm had
agreed to remain close by.

The ambulance ride seemed like a lifetime. Rogue was
still unconscious. Storm rode in the ambulance, Scott
followed along in the car, with Sabretooth tied up in
the trunk. Cyclops thought to himself, for a big
fellow a little lightening sure knocked him out.

* * *

Logan gazed at the Professor with a look of

-"I really don't appreciate being called like this."

The Professor looks over at Jean who stood in the
doorway, "We have to go."

Logan turns around to look at Jean and back at the
Profesor, "Go where?"

Jean and the Professor look at each other, she
understood what he saw. Logan stared at the duo, his
patience was getting shorter by the second,

-"Listen, I am not a damn telepath, what the hell is
goin' on?"

Jean looking at the Professor continues with
apprehension, "Scott, Storm and Rogue were attacked."
She felt her heart sinking in. Logan's eyes widened
with a mele of anger and fear. Before he could open
his mouth, Professor X picked up on his train of

-"Sabertooth attacked them."

Logan was angry, he formed to fists as if to control
his rage, "Should have killed the bastard when I had
the chance."

Jean, a little softer, "Are they all right?"

Professor nods, "They will be, Scott and Storm are
fine, as for Rogue...."

Logan's impatience was getting the best of him, "Rogue

-"She's in an ambulance."

Logan exclamed a little louder, "Let's"


Storm and Scott sat in the waiting area. They were
still waiting on the doctor to allow them to leave
with her. Scott had called the Professor and informed
him of the situation. They were quiet, deep down they
knew that she would be fine, but they need a
reassurance. The Doctor approaches the duo, " She'll
be all right, she has a concussion, she's sleeping
right now."

Scott begins, "Can we take her home Dr.?"

-"With a concussion that's followed by a loss of
consciousness we keep the patients for 24 hours for

Storm smiled, "Thank you Dr. Can we see her?"

-"Yes, right this way."

As Storm and Scott made their way down the hall. The
loud footsteps coming from behind them caused them to
turn around, they were happy to see the familiar
faces of their friends.

Logan was leading the pack, when he yelled, "Where is

Scott, understanding his concern, "She's fine, she's
in a room, sleeping."

Logan, without a second thought and with a little more
intensity, "Where is she?"

-"Room 438" Storm replied.

Logan disappeared from their view.

Scott looked on at Jean, "He's back."

Jean returned the look and answered, "Yes, he is. Are
you OK?"

-"Now that you are here."

Professor Xavier began, "First thing first, where's
Sabertooth? we need to take care of that."

Storm replied, "In the trunk of the car."

Jean continued, "i brought some tranquilizers for the
ride home. A beast like him needs to be sedated"

Scott retorted, "Maybe you should have used them on
your friend."

Jean shot him the evil eye, and the quartet proceeded
out of the hospital.

Room 438

Logan walked into the room, he was so quiet. He
noticed the beginnings of a bruise on the side of
face. She looked so serene, sleping there. He got
closer, and smiled. The artificial lights of the
hospital made her look paler and her white hair
whiter. He sat in the chair adjacent to the bed. He
sunk into it, his hands were now under his chin,
looking on at her. He closed his eyes for a moment
when he heard Rogue's voice,

-"We have to stop meeting like this?"

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