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Paperback Hero

Paperback Hero

Title: Paperback Hero
Subject: Humor (hopefully)
Rating: NC-17 or maybe R for humor based in sexual content.
Disclaimer: I don't have a hope of ever making a dime off the character's in
this fic except Rake. LOL and even that is questionable.
DEDICATED TO: Angel Face-because we were discussing terms for male parts and
this one had us spitting pepsi across our keyboards.


Rogue walked over to a table where Kitty sat staring at the pages of a
paperback. Her eyes were wide and they didn't seem to move as flipped to the
next page with undisguised facination. Rogue stood and watched the process
for almost ten minutes until Kitty sighed clutched the book to her chest
closed her eyes.

"You all right?" she asked the dazed girl at the table.

"Oh, yeah!" she turned and looked to her new friend.

"Then why do you look so pained?"

"I'm not pained. I'm in love." Kitty said in a superior tone.

"In love? With who?"

"His name is Rake and he is everything I have ever wanted in my entire

Rogue froaned she didn't know anyone named Rake. Maybe he was new to the
school or in one of the other groups. "What's he like?"

"He is about five foot three and he has a broad chest. He has thick wavy
hair that he can't control and peircing brown eyes that could look right
into your soul." she whispered dreamily.

Rogue froaned. It sounded a bit like logan if you asked her. "Why
haven't I ever met him?"

"Because he is a character in a book." Bobby laughed as he leaned close to
Kitty's ear. "He's a fictional character and she talks about him like he was
a living breathing human being. He sounds like a garden tool to me."

"That is because of all the guy's I know he is far superior." Kitty said her
eyes narrowing on him. "He's sensitive, brooding, and dark. Yet, he is still

"What ever!" Bobby said as he pushed away from the table. "He sounds like a
wimp to me."

"That's because you wouldn't now a real man if he was standing right in
front of you." Kitty said her nose in a decided snit.

After Bobby was well out of sight Rogue looked down at the book in
Kitty's hand. "Do ya mind if I borrow that? I've never read one before."
Kitty looked a little reluctant, but slid the book over the table.

"Don't lose it!" she admonished.

"I won't." Rogue took the book and went up to her room. Once inside she
looked at the book in her hand. The cover and pages were starting to look
worn from constant use. The bare chested man looming over a nearly bare
chested heroine kinda looked like Logan to. Except no hair on his chest.
Which in Rogue's mind was a definate strike against him. That was one of the
things Rogue found the most excitin' about Logan. Tossing the book on the
bed Rogue went to her bathroom to get a glass of water. When she read she
liked to have a drink close by so she wouldn't have to get up.

Going to her bed she found the book open to about the middle. At first
she thought it was strange, but when she picked it up, closed it and tossed
it down again it opened to the same page. She had learned that on Matlock.

"Kitty must really like that part." she thought. Deciding it wouldn't hurt
to find out what she found so interesting she started reading.

"Whhuuh," she had only read about five words when she clapped the book shut
her eyes wide and her face as red as a fire engine. Shaking it off she
opened the book again. Read a few words and giggled. Then started to read
aloud and put Logan in place of the hero and herself in the place of the

'He bent her backward over his muscular arm. "You have put up a good
fight, but finally you are mine!" He declaired as his lips found hers. "Yes,
Rake...yes! Take me I'm yours." She sighed as he impaled her with his

"BWHAHAHAHAHAHA man-huh. Snickhaha...," She was rolling on the bed in
histerical laughter when her bedroom door was flung open and Logan was
tanding their along with Jean, Storm and Scott.

"What's with her?" Logan and Scott asked at the same time. They watched as
Rogue clapped a hand over her mouth. Her eyes glued to Logan's face then she
looked at Jean. Almost willing her to read her mind.

It wasn't long before Jean, too, was unable to breath or speak. When she
turned and caught sight of Logan she grabbed Storm and pulled her into the
hallway and whispered in her ear. Storms eyes widened and flew to Logan's.
The next thing Scott and Logan knew all three women were rolling with
laughed and muttering something about a man in a pool.

"Scott," he Logan looked him in the eye. "Do you ever get the idea that
you'll never understand a damn thing they say or do?"


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