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An Odd Sense of Deja Vu (Rogue's POV-Part 2/2)

Author: Kitty
Title: An Odd Sense of D? vu--Rogue
Part- 1of 2
Pairing: Wolverine/Rogue non-romantic
Rating: Hmm.. I'd say R to be safe. There is some adult content, but no
Disclaimer: -sigh- none of it's mine. None I tell you. All belong to Marvel
comics and 20th Century Fox. Big meanies. At least they don't mind sharing!
Summary: Another version of what could have happened while Rogue and
Wolverine were in the bar. What if the tables were turned and it was Rogue
being attacked?
Feedback: The third most vital thing in my life! (the first two being Jesus
and Midol)
Notes-I couldn't get the exact dialogue to what the announcer said when
introducing Wolverine, but thanks to Jaded and her 9 year old for helping me
out! (good idea about the tape recorder by the way)

"What the.." She heard him gasp a few feet from her. She heard a snarl and
the man groaned as someone barreled into him. She was breathing so hard she
couldn't quite hear the fight, and didn't have the strength to get up. A few
seconds later two strong hands hauled her up.

"Get into the bar." A low, gruff voice demanded. Her cloak, hanging slackly
from her hand was wrapped around her.

"Wha??p;quot; The light snowing had turned into a near blizzard and she couldn't
see the mans face.

"Go." He growled shoving her none too gently. She stumbled in the direction
of the bar lights. Her mind drifted and her sight failed her many times, but
she made it to the door. She didn't dare look to her left to see if the man
was there. She stumbled into the bar and slid down the wall into one dark
corner. She place was still in full swing, and no one seemed to notice her
entrance. The use of her powers must have drained her. That was her last
thought before she fell into a dark sleep.

Rogue awoke what seemed like an eternity later. She shivered, wrapping her
damp cloak more securely around her. She got up slowly, her sore legs
screaming in protest. The bar had cleared for the most part, only a few
people remained, playing pool, passed out, or watching the TV She walked
unsteadily to the bar and sat down, rubbing a hand over her face. Her
hand??e looked in horror at her bare hands and arms. She scrambled off the
stool and looked around wildly. She ran over to the cabinet where she had put
her bag and opened it. She grabbed her knap sack and rummaged through it,
finding another pair of long gloves.

"Hey! What are you doing over there!" The man behind the car called.

"I..I.. just put..put my bag in here earlier." She said slowly, walking
back over.

He glared at her. "This ain't no storage house. You carry your own stuff."

"Y-yes sir." She mumbled. She looked outside, wondering if she could walk
to the next bar. Rogue bit her lip, and decided it wouldn't be a good idea.
She saw the man who had given her a ride here asleep on a couch, maybe she
would ask him for a ride to where ever he was going next.

"You want anything. You look to young to drink." The bartender asked

"Just??er please." He snorted in disapproval and ran her some tap water.
She sipped it slowly and pulled on her gloves, trying to recall what had
happened. Someone had helped her, was it Wolverine? She couldn't remember his
face, just the low growl of his voice in her ear. She shivered and eyed a
jarful of money labeled 'Tipping is not a city in China.' Hunger, which had
been gnawing at her for days, was finally erupting. She didn't know the value
of Canadian money, but she knew it would be enough to get a soda and a
several bags of Salt and Vinegar chips. She looked longingly at the jar.

"You want something new? Stick to water." The bartender said, moving the
jar safely away. Rogue blushed and looked down.


Rogue looked up and saw Wolverine pull up a chair and throw some money on
the counter. Had he helped her? She looked at his clothes, they didn't seem
wet??hough it must've been at least a couple hours ago. He caught her
staring at him and gave her a dark look, chewing on his cigar. Rogue gulped
and looked down.

"??rything from global weather to the new mutant population??p;quot; The words
drowned out as Rogue started at the screen in horror. Where was she going to
go? Everyone knew about people like her, it would only be time before someone
found out and she was put away. That law, she had heard her parents talking
about it. Everyone she knew thought it was a good idea. Someone tapped her on
the back and she turned around. Two men, one of the guys that had followed
Stan out, were looking at her. "You owe me something girl."

"I..I don't know what you're talking about." She glanced at Wolverine but
he was staring at his beer, his first was clenched tightly around the bottle.

"No man passes out from a touch. All you did was grab his hand and he
clear passed out." The man said, his voice raising.

"C'mon, he was just drunk." His friend said, pulling his shoulder.

"No, drunk people don't scream before they pass out."

"I didn't do anything." Rogue whispered. "He attacked me."

The man leaned closer. "I know what you are freak." Rogue froze as a
switchblade appeared in his hand. Before she could scream she heard
Wolverines beer bottle shatter and the man was pulled off of her. She turned
and saw Wolverine slam the man against the wall. The knife flailed wildly and
embedded itself into Wolverines' side. He growled, and yanked the knife out,
sending it clattering to the floor. The man kicked him in the groin and
pushed him away. Wolverine held onto the mans jacket and shoved him into the
wall again with one hand, while holding his fist out a foot from the mans
neck. Rogue watched in fascination as four deadly blades ripped from
Wolverines skin and surrounded his neck, one pressing lightly into his
jugular. The bartender held a shot gun Rogue had not seen him get, against
Wolverines head.

"Get out of my bar freak." Wolverine turned slightly and paused before
swinging one hand behind him, cutting the knife into two. He stepped back,
glaring at the two terrified men and walked out of the bar, not sparing Rogue
a glance. Rogue looked wide eyed at the two men and then at Wolverines
retreating form. She hesitated for a moment, experiencing an odd sense of
deja vu and then hurried after him.

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