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Change (Part 1)

TITLE : Change(1/?)
AUTHOR :Helen McGregor
GENRE : Drama. All characters, focus on Rogue and
RATING : R for some situations.
DISCLAIMER:Don't own them. The characters belong to
their respective companies. All I own is the plot.
ARCHIVING: ask first.
SUMMARY: A new terror threatens the X men, especially
Wolverine and Rogue
AUTHOR'S NOTES: First X-men fanfic : |
Set after the movie ends.

Rogue looks at the dogtags that were just
handed to her and she glances in Logan's direction,
but he was no where in sight. She turned around and
walked back into the mansion.
Storm watched the young woman walk into the mansion
with a certain melancholy in her step. She smiled at
her and Rogue returned the favor but with a tear
glistening her eye. She walked past her friends and
into the gardens. Storm resisted the urge to follow
Rogue into the gardens. If she were to follow her and
sit with her, her inability to comfort the young woman
would undoubtedly add more gravity to the situation.
Storm took a deep breath and re-joined the rest of the
X men.
Jean begins, "Is she all right?"

-"She will time."

Rogue walked past the other children playing. Things
constantly changing around her. Running away from
home, from people and now people running away from
her. There has yet to be one constant in her life,
besides her "gift", a gift she would like to give
back, Rogue thought.

She looked up at the sky, rain had started to
gradually drop. She thought to herself, "hope Logan
doesn't get wet."

* * *
-"Damn weather, where's Storm when you need her?"
Logan muttered under a bridge to avoid the inclement
weather. He was miles from the closest thing to home,
to family. His leaving had a purpose, it was
necessary. He could no longer accept that his past is
merely a dream, shared by him...and those that can get
inside his mind. He needed tangible proof of who he
was, why he was.

He waited for fifteen minutes and then the weather
cleared, gray was replaced by white and blue, and
Logan rode on.

A couple of weeks later

Rogue ran down the stairs at the mansion, Bobby Drake
was going to teach her how to play tennis, she was
excited, A non-contact sport with friends. The white
streaks added years to her face, but her eyes still
possessed that thirst for knowledge, for human
interaction, typical of a burgeoning individual.

-"Mornin' Bobby."

-"Hey Rogue, are you ready?"

-"Ready as I'll ever be."

Bobby smiled. The two youngsters got on the court and
Bobby proceeded to show her how to wing the racquet
and hit the ball, and in no time they were rallying
the ball. They were both smiling and happy, even when
things got a little competitive. It was nice not to
feel fragile and vulnerable, she was out there kicking
some butt...well kinda.

An hour or two later the two walked in, and went to
get some water,

-"I worked up a thirst."

-"You played really well....for a first timer."

-"Excuse me Bobby Drake, I believe I did beat you."

-"That's because I let you win."

-"Mmmm, " she replied sarcastically. "I'll see you

-"Bye, Rogue."

Rogue walked upstairs to her room and found a letter
sitting on her bed. She frowned, a letter. "That's
kinda weird" she spoke out loud. She didn't know
anyone who wuld write to her, Logan was surely not the
letter writer type, and her parents would never, not
after what she did.. She grabbed the letter and opened
it quickly,

-"Dear Marie,

How are you honey? I was going mad trying to find you.
I finally got word that that's where you are.
Hopefully you are still there. Your Dad is fine, we
miss you terribly and we would love to see you again.
The reason I wrote this letter is because, there is no
easy way to do this, I am sick and I might not make
it much longer. I just want to hold my baby one more
time. I hope you get this.

Love, Mom"

Rogue's eyes opened and she swallowed, her expression
was full of fear and shock. She had to go see her
mother, even after what happened that last night she
was at home. She grabbed her duffle bag and packed a
few things and walked out of the mansion without
another thought.

Logan made his way into the Canadian territory, he
stumbled upon a backwoods bar, one very similar to the
one where he was the main attraction. The ambiance
was very similar. He walked in and sat at the bar,

-"Beer." he said

The bartender obliged without a word. Logan was fully
immersed in the distinct aroma of the brew, when he
heard two truck drivers talk,

-"Yeah, there's a school down in New York somewhere,
home to all the freaks. Teachin' those animals how to
live all civilized."

-"That I would like to see." They both chuckled.

Logan muttered a few obscenities under his breath, he
can't change the world, but he would have liked to
have tought those two a few things about animals."

He finished off his beer, he was ready to hit the road
when a news report made him turn around,

-"....William Halliwell, CEO of biomutaton, is
reportedly in the process of creating hybrids,
selectively taking mutations from several mutants and
making an ultimate mutant, one that can't possibly be
destroyed.... "

The news cast cuts into the Professor's school,
"Professor Charles Xavier, a reknown professor had
this to say,
Allowing nature to proceed on
its own is acceptable, but creating
life like this is a scary territory
I am not sure must be explored.

Cut to Biomutaton Technologies Labs
".....Several mutants are being kept in these rooms
for experimentation."

Logan looked on horrified at the conditions, glass
rooms where families are herded.

A similar expression was observed on the faces of the
X men in the mansion.

Logan shook his head and walked out, he hopped on his
bike and rode on. In the shadows a mysterious
figure appears with a smirk on his face, "Welcome back
Wolverine." The large feline-like individual receeded
back ino the shadows.

Professor Xavier's office

All the X men were there in conference with the
Prfessor. He began,

-"Our only option is to protect these children and not
let them get off the property, until all this somewhat
calms down."

Cyclops jumps in, "Calms down, it's going to get worse
before it calms down, we are talking about hunting for
traits and we all know that corporate interest forgoes
individual rights."

Jean looks at Scott and back at the Professor, "So
what are we going to do about all those that are
outside the perimeter of this mansion?"

The professor looks into the eyes of his friends, "We
do what we can. I would prefer if you told the
students in your classes about the eminent danger that
has presented itself."

the X men look at each other, nod and leave the
confines of the office. The Professor turns around in
his wheel chair and looks out at the grounds, "God
help us all."

End of the Day

The day was full of panic, all the residents of the
school expressed concern and fear over the new wave of
technology, and the teachers had to deal with that all
day.Storm walks into the den, and smiles at her

Jean begins, " It was not a pleasant day."

-"No," replied Storm.

-"I wish we could more helelpful to those aren't

-" Speaking of which, have you seen Rogue?"

-"No," Jean answers, "Is she in her room?"

Storm looks at her and the two women proceed to the
girl's room. They open the door and they notice that
her duffle bag was gone and a letter on the bed,

-"Ororo, look at this," Jean grabs the letter and
begins reading out loud.

Storm closes her eyes and responds, "Oh no...."

-"We better go find her and warn her about the

-"I'll call a meeting."

Biomutaton Technologies

William Halliwell walked down the halls of his newest
research project, an employee had reported that a
certain mutants was willing to tell him about other
mutants out there and what they can do. He approached
the glass cubicle and began,

-" Such a beautiful creature, what do you have to tell
me mutant 45."

The mutants eyes were wishing things more heinous than
death to the man that is taking away freedom.

-"If I tell you will you let me go?"

-"Well, that all depends on what you tell me."

William thinks about it for a while, "If it's worth
it, I will let you go."

-"It's worth it."

William grins, "I don't have all day,"

-"I know of a mutant that can, with a touch, absorb
the life force of the other individual and adopt their

Mr. Halliwell grinned sardonically, "My my, that WAS
worth it. Where is that mutant?"

-"Are you going to let me go?"

-"We did have a deal, you are free to go mutant 45, if
you help me capture this mutant you talk about."


-"Well thanks mutant... what's your name?"


* * *

Greyhound Bus
En route South

Rogue stared out the window at the changing
topography, the last time she saw all this was on her
way up north and now she is welcoming it. She took a
deep breath, hoping that when she got home, it
wouldn't be too late. She looked down and back at the

X men mansion

-"No one saw her leave?"

-"No Professor," Cyclops said.

-"I am going into Cerebro to try and locate her."

Jean walks in, "It's not necessary, she went to see
her mother, she's on a greyhound bus heading home."

-"Her mother?"

-"Apparently, she is sick and not doing to well."

The Professor nods, "Storm, Cyclops go and find her.
Escort her to her old life, she has to say good-bye."

-"Right away."

The two leave, Jean is left in the office, " I'll try
to find their exact location." and she leaves.

Near the US border

Logan had turned around. He needed to help
his...Storm, Jean, Rogue, the Professor, even Cyclops.
He needed to be there. He muttered under his breath,
they had gotten to him. He rode on

In the shadows, the feline entity was joined by a
slitering beauty.

-"Soon I will have my revenge," Sabertooth exclaimed.

-"...And I will have my freedom," Mystique added as
they looked at each other.

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