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Loose Cannon (Part 1)

Author: Kitty Lee
Fic: Loose Cannon
Pairing: Logan/Rogue eventually.
Rating: PG 13, fer now
Disclaimer: The idea fer the fic is Lily's, and the characters all belong to
Stan and 20th Century Fox. Long live the King.
Summary: Challenge Fic-After waiting for Logans for four years, Rogue leaves
the school and goes to the other side. Can Logan return to help her?
(how corny and Batman-ish does that sound!)
Feedback: Nine out of ten dentists agree that it stops cavities before they

Scott knocked on Xaviers' door, entering a moment later, with Jean, and
Ororo not far behind. "Professor, can we speak with you a moment? It's about
Rogue." Scott asked, stopping before the desk. Xavier nodded.

"Of course. I've been meaning to speak to you on the same subject, I'm glad
you're here." Xavier waved them into the seats in front of him. "Jean,
you've been her mentor somewhat. Would you like to start?"

Jean nodded. "When Logan left four years ago, Rogue changed. I suppose she
was always a little shy, but still sweet. After he went up north, Rogue
slowly out-casted herself from the other students. She became moody and rude
to her classmates as well as us."

"As for her activities outside the school, she's been seen frequenting the
bar downtown and has come back drunk more than once. And on the last mission
it was imperative that she use her powers against one of Megneto's goonies,
but she didn't have to kill him. I thought by having her become an X-Men, she
would better adjust. But it seems she's only become more angry and resentful
of regular people. She's hardened." Scott said, his face grim. Xavier nodded,
and then looked at Ororo.

"Is there something you wish to add?"

Ororo hesitated then said, "Yesterday she almost hurt Bobby. She??sed him
to a certain point, knowing he has feelings for her. She came very close to
kissing him, then backed off and left. Bobby didn't know whether to be
relieved or angered, so he settled for confused. Not to mention the numerous
fights she has been picking with many of the students."

"In all, she's become dangerous." Xavier agreed. "I'm not sure what
happened, whether it was the stress of her power, losing Logan, the
alienation she's had to go through??annot help her. She won't let me, and
as far as I can discern from what you're saying, she won't let anyone else."

"She's become a loose cannon Professor." Scott said. " We can't keep her
here forever, and she doesn't seem to want to be a permanent X-Men or a
teacher. She's been reluctant just to stay here for college courses."

Xavier turned his chair to the window, focusing on a lone girl dressed in
black. "Yes?? what can we do?"

None of them noticed the teenage boy with his ear to the door, and
certainly no one noticed his eyes glow a distinct yellow.
Rogue bit into her sandwich, chewing methodically. She was so sick of this
place. Sick of the food, the people, especially the people. Rogue rolled her
eyes and got up, dropping her sandwich on the grass. The constant rules,
nagging, the watching?? had to get out of here for the day. Screw class.
She started for the gate when a voice stopped her.

"So what, now you're littering?" Jubilee said, her voice tight with anger.

"If you're hungry then pick it up." Rogue turned, crossing her arms.

"I know what you did to Bobby. You could have hurt him."

"Give me a break." Rogue muttered. They had no sense of humor, she wouldn't
have really kissed him. He was the one starting to lean in, if she hadn't
left he'd be vegetation by now. "Don't get all Jerry Springer on me. It's not
my fault Mr. Freeze doesn't have the hots for you."

"Oh, very clever. I'm sure you have plenty of time to think these little
barbs up, seeing as how you do nothing." Jubilee retorted.

"Yeah, other than save your butt. In case you don't remember I'm an X-Men."
Rogue spat, stepping towards Jubilee.

"And so am I, except I don't kill people for fun." She hissed, moving
towards her until they were standing face to face.

"Oh, but you're so valuable to us. We'll call you next Fourth of July, kay?"
With a cold smile she walked off. Rogue could practically feel the energy
dancing at Jubilees fingertips. She should probably be worried but she
wasn't. These people were a bunch of geeks, just like Logan said. But then
again, Logan had also said he'd be back for her. Liar. Well she was sick of
waiting. He had been the only reason why she stayed so long. Even though it
was apparent that he wasn't returning, she had still hoped. And he had lied.
There was no reason for her to be here now.

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