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The Choice (Part 1)

Title: The Choice (1/?)
Author: Lexy
Rating: PG right now. I'll post a rating on every chapter so you
Summary: This takes place two and a half years after the movie
ended. Logan has still not returned, and Rogue is now twenty. Rogue
will be capable of human touch thanks to a new mutant at Xavier's
school, but it can only work on one person. Who will she choose?
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters in my story
for Zack Higgins.
Archiving: Sure, just e-mail me to ask. You know what don't even
bother. Archive it if you want anywhere!! I write for everyone's


My mind feels like it's going into overdrive. I can't get
out of my
head what happened to me today, the day that would change my life



Jean had found me in the rec room playing foosball with Bobby. She
said that Professor Xavier wanted me to show a new student around
campus. I found it kind of odd considering the Professor liked to
personally show a new student or visitor around his school, but I
didn't question his reasons because they must have been good. I
headed out of the rec room and towards Professor Xavier's office,
not before telling Bobby to find me in a couple hours so we can
finish our game.
I walked into Professor Xavier's office with a smile, "Good
morning Professor."
"Good morning Rogue. I'd like you to meet our newest
student, Zack Higgins." He pointed to the boy, who turned around
looked at me with a smile. "Zack, this is Rogue, she'll show
around the campus." With that the Professor left the room.
I smiled warmly at the boy, who looked around sixteen, and
repeated a familiar greeting, "Welcome to Mutant High!"
I showed him around the campus for about an hour. He met
some of his classmates and it seemed like he was going to fit in just
fine. The last stop on the tour was a bench overlooking a pond that
was on the edge of campus. I turned to the boy who seemed to be
studying my every movement. It made me a bit uncomfortable, but I
shrugged it off, "So??ack what's your gift anyway?"
"I'm telepathic." He answered shyly.
"Were you reading my mind just before?"
Zack nodded sadly," I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."
I was curious now. The Professor never told me when he read
my thoughts. I don't even know if he ever does because he never
mentions it, and here is this boy who is reading my every
thought. "What do you see?"
The boy cocked his head up at my question, "You're scared.
You think you`re going to be alone all your life because of your
mutation. You're incapable of human touch." I nodded sadly
at the
boy's last statement. A tear fell down my face, and Zack looks
my eyes not with pity, but with hope. Before I could question his
look, he spoke again, "I can help you. You don't have to be
For a second I almost believed him, but then reality set
in, "You can't help me Zack. I've been trying to control
my gift for
almost three years, and nothing's come of it. It's a lost
Zack shook his head profusely at my denial, "You don't
understand! My gift, my mutation can make you capable of human
"How?" I asked, intrigued by this boy's persistence.
A slight smile came upon Zack's face as he began to
explain, "You see not only am I telepathic, but I can control
people's mutations, to an extent! In a sense I can go in your
and "flip a switch" that would prevent you from using your
against one person."
"Have you ever used it?" I question, hoping he has and it
was successful.
Zack smiled brightly, knowing that I believed him, "Yes, as a
matter of fact, I used it on the Professor today. He asked me to try
it on him with Dr. Grey. Once I was finished, he couldn't read
A smile came across my face, "So Professor Xavier can never
read Dr. Grey's mind again?"
"No." I frowned, but Zack continued. "At the
request I "flipped the switch" back. See, the way it works
is that
once I open the door to control a person's mutation on another
person, I can't open another one."
I was trying to understand all that was thrown at me in the
last couple of minutes. I needed to get everything straight, "So
can switch my mutation on and off, at my request, with one person,
and only that person, once you use it for the first time on me. So
I'll be capable of human contact with one person of my choosing
the rest of my life."
Zack nodded with a smile. "Professor Xavier said that you
would be interested in my gift. I can use it on you if you'd
Just tell me who you'd like to be capable of touching."
I couldn't believe it. My wish was going to come true, but
then I realized that I get one person. I would be capable of
touching one and only one person. I became scared and nervous. Who
do I choose? My train of thought was interrupted by Zack voice,
know you have a lot to think about. Take all the time you need. You
have a big choice to make." I nodded, and he left me alone to
I must have been alone quite a while because Jean came
looking for me. She touched my gloved arm and said, "How's
decision making going?"
I shrugged, "It's not. Jean, what would you do if you were
in my position? How would you choose?"
Jean smiled, "It's simple for me, love. I would choose the
one I loved and who loved me unconditionally."
I nodded understanding. "That's what I think, but??p;quot; I
trailed off, but Jean finished my thought for me, "But the one
love isn't here, and you fear he doesn't feel the same way
about you."
I smiled sadly, "Then there's Bobby." Jean nodded
as I continued, "He's been such a good friend these past two
and a
half years, and he's told me that he loves me. I think I could
happy with him."
"Do you love him?" Jean questioned.
"Yes, but it's not the same way I love Logan." Jean
sadly back at me as I continued to talk, "I don't know what
I'm goin'
to do!" putting my head in my hands.
Jean nudged me with a smile, "Rogue, all I can say is take
your time and follow your heart."
I nodded. "Thanks Jean."
I spent the rest of the day just gathering my thoughts coming
to no concrete conclusions. Once the sun began to set I made my way
back to the house where I was confronted by Ororo who gave me a sad
smile and then began to speak, "You know the whole school's
about you, and your decision."
I was shocked at Ororo's words, "How does everyone know?"
"One of the girls in the school overheard the Professor
talking to Jean about how Zack could use his gift to allow you to
touch one person, and it spread like wildfire around the school."
I frowned. "I just wish I could make a decision."
"I know you'll make the right decision, Rogue." Ororo
at me then left me alone to think.
I went to my room for some privacy, but I wasn't there long
before there was a knock at my door. I told my visitor to come on
in, still keeping my eyes focused on what lay outside my window. I
didn't acknowledge my visitor until he spoke, "Hey Rogue,
how's it
I smiled brightly as I turned to look at my best friend
Bobby. "So, have you've heard about my situation?"
Bobby nodded and came over to sit next to me on my window
ledge. "Yeah, and I'm really happy for you. You got your
I smiled sadly at him. "I just wish I could make a
Bobby returned my sad smile. "I know, but whatever you
decide, I'm behind you one hundred percent, you know that!"
paused before he continued. "I just want you to be happy Rogue
because I love you."
I reached over and hugged him gently making sure none of my
skin would come into contact with him. I sighed, "How did I get
lucky to have a best friend like you?"
He smiled. "I'm the lucky one Rogue. Well, it's
late, and you need some time alone. I'll see you tomorrow.
Remember, we still have to finish our game."
I laughed. "Yeah, I'll see ya tomorrow Bobby."
With that he left my room.

END OF FLASHBACK****************************************************

I still can't believe that I'll get to touch someone, feel
their skin on mine, but who do I choose. I can't take this
I need some air. I leave my room and head downstairs. I look up at
the clock that hangs on the wall and see that it's nearly three
the morning. I head out to the porch and just take deep breaths,
trying to relax, hoping that I could come to some conclusions. I
marvel at the beauty of the campus as I feel myself relax. I must
have been lost in my thought because I didn't hear someone come
behind me until I heard a low whisper in my ear, "Miss me
I turn around and my knees feel weak. I stare into the eyes of a man
that I haven't seen in two and a half years. "Logan?"
It's more of a
question than a statement.
He smiles. "Yeah, it's me Rogue. I couldn't stay away
any longer.
I needed to come home to you."
I start to feel lightheaded as I think to myself, `This is
goin' to
be a lot harder than I thought.'

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