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Paperback Hero

Finding The Self (Part 3)

"Yeah, I guess." she lied again, her barely over a whisper. He straddled
the bike, first. Then she followed suit, sitting only an inch away, wrapping
her long arms around him. Snuggling close to his warm body. Feeling safe. He
grinned as he heard her sigh contentedly. He started the engine, then headed
for home. This idea of having a home was going to take time to get used to.
He couldn't remember a time in his life when he had a place he called home.
They drove in an easy silence.
She stopped to look at him one last time before going up to her room
which was Logan's old room. A place she felt close to him, his smell still
lingered there even after all this time. "Logan, I'm really glad you're
home. I've missed you a lot!" she reported almost shyly. Though never
looking away from his intense stare.
"Yeah, me too, kid." stated Logan with smirk that Marie always
remembered in her dreams. Without thinking, he quickly touched her check, so
soft! She turned to leave.
Goodnight, Logan." she murmured over shoulder.
"Sweet dreams." I will now, she thought. Although her nights had been
plagued with his nightmares, she hoped having him so close she could have
dream for once. Just as she came to the door, it opened by itself.
"Good evening, Marie."
"Hello, Professor." she said affectionately. She knew that her old and
wise tutor wanted to speak to the other man so she left.
"It's been a long time, Logan." The older and clever man declared
"Yes, it has, Professor." Logan responded just as kindly. He didn't want
the old man knowing just how much he respected him!
"Let's talk in the privacy of my office." he offered. The younger man
nodded. They made the trek in silence.
Once in the confines of Xavier's office. "I assume that your presense
here means you've found answers to your questions." He asked from behind his
"Not exactly." Logan quipped as he slumpped into the leather in front.
"No I've not yet pieced back together my past, but I am
willing, Professor to see what kind of person I can be in the future." he
related cheerlessly.
"There's a way to test yourself. Magneto escaped," a groan seeped from
the man also known as Wolverine, "from that plastic prison and we are
planning on a continuation of before.
"Will Rogue be safe?" He questioned as he straightened his back. The
professor smiled. Wolverine could never forget what had occurred there on
the Statue of Liberty. He had never felt so helpless before and loathed it.
Having her there in his strong arms and not being capable of shielding her
from such pain! It was there he had vowed to reliate against that human
magnet. Just thinking about the old geiser made him want to ram something.
So he hadn't lost his protective feelings towards young Marie, in fact they
have intensified in his time away.
"Yes, Logan, she will." he guaranteed. "That girl has transformed into
quite a different person since you've been gone."
"I understand that, honestly I do. But she doesn't have the protective
devices that I, Jean, Ororo and Scott have. I just worry about her, that's
"I realize that. But she has acquired some new powers.'
"She mentioned something about that." he grunted. "Speaking of acquiring
something new, who's new jerk?"
"Who? Remy?"
"Yeah." he confirmed disgustedly. "I didn't like the way he treated
Marie tonight..." he paused to searched for the right word. "He was too
fresh with her." He gave Xavier his reason. But the world's strongest
telepath knew there was a deeper reason than that, but wasn't going to press
him about it.
"You must be tired." He changed the subject. Sleepiness hit Wolverine
all of the sudden. He nodded. "Come, we'll have to find you another room.
Rogue is in your old room.
"I'd give it up, only to her." he said lightly.
The next morning, Logan momentarily forgot where he was. He assumed that
"wheels" was briefing the team. So he headed towards Xavier's office.
"I don't think so. He'll only jeopardize a mission." he heard Scott
"You talkin' about me, one-eye?" he asked good-humoredly. All eyes
turned to the form in the doorway. Marie beamed, happy to see that he hasn't
escaped again. Storm smiled as did Jean. Even Scott smirked his greetings.
"Welcome home, Logan." Ororo announced, coming to kiss his hairy cheek.


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